NoClone 4 enhanced much in scalability comparing with pervious versions (3.2 and before). There is a limit of total scanning size of around 300,000 files in v3.2. However in NoClone 4, you can scan up to millions of files and perform file actions to handle large amount of duplicate files. We have performed a test on NoClone 4 for its scalability.

NoClone Scalability Test

No. of files: 1, 000, 220 (Real life files retrieved from the Internet and various data disks)
Total file size: 152 GB

Hardware specification:
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
1.5GB Ram
250GB IDE hard disk
Dell Dimension 4700 

Action Time Taken Result
Scan for duplicate files 17hr 21 mins 1,000,220 files is scanned, 607,829 files are duplicate files
Mark files with longer file name 3-4 mins 10003 files is marked
Delete marked files and empty folders 15 mins 10003 files is deleted successfully

With enhancement of architecture, NoClone 4 is now able to scan unlimited files and it can helps reserving disk space in large file system or within large network. NoClone Enterprise can handle unlimited network path, thus huge disk space can be recovered by eliminating tons of duplicate files.

* The test is based on v4.0.36

We cordially invite you to upgrade to NoClone 4 to enjoy the benefit of its powerful scan and removal ability. You can download latest NoClone 4 here.

>>Upgrade to v4.0 or >>Upgrade to enterprise edition from home edition
Upgrade to v4.0 Home edition: US$16.90, Enterprise edition: US$59.90

And we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Alan, Author
Peter, Co-author |

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