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NoClone: King/Queen of Duplicate Contest

In order to promote NoClone features of easy discovery of duplicate files and advanced file action for disk space recovery, a contest, King/Queen of Duplicate, is held to appreciate those long-term users who were benefited by powerful features of NoClone 4.

The competition is held by monthly basis. The champion, first runnr-up and second runner-up of each month will be awarded as following*:

King of NoClone1 Installer CD-ROM, 3 Home Licenses or 1 Upgrade to Enterprise #
1st runner-up1 Installer CD-ROM, 2 Home Licenses or 1 Upgrade to Enterprise
2nd runner-up1 Installer CD-ROM, 1 Home License or 1 Upgrade to Enterprise

* Score is calculated by following formula:
Score = number of duplicate files found
+ number of duplicate files removed
+ size of duplicate files found (in KB)
+ size of duplicate files removed (in KB)
+ number of files marked by Smart Marker

# licenses are transferable to your friends

So now please don't hesitate, get NoClone 4 and join the contest. Maybe you will be next one to get the prize!
Get Home Edition (free trial) | Get Enterprise Edition (free trial) - require at least v4.0.38

Top 10 Result: Mar of 2007

User nameScore
Terry Allen142946704
Earl Wallace74631289
Daniel E. Oaks44131806

Be the #1, submit your score:

1. NoClone menu Search session -> Statistics...
2. Enter your Name and Email to submit the score!

For detail, please visit: 

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Alan, Author
Peter, Co-author
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