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On the 29th Feb. 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued 《 The Guidance of Promoting ‘ Internet +’ Smart Energy” 》.《The Guidance 》clearly indicated that developing new applications of energy storage and Electric Vehicles, including developing energy storage network management business models;

developing vehicle and network synchronized charging and discharging models; developing new energy + electric vehicle operation new models.  《The Guidance 》 providing EV/PHEV and charging infrastructure industry with new economic growth points and business developing opportunities. 

The upcoming “The 4th China EV/PHEV Charging Infrastructure Summit (EVIS 2016)” to be held on 26-27 May in Shanghai will help you to understand the solutions to take the advantages of 《The Guidance 》.  EVIS 2016 has invited Mr. Desmond Wheatley, the president and CEO of Envision Solar International, Inc to present at our event this year.  Mr. Wheatley will discuss using sustainability for the electrification of vehicles. He will explore EV charging infrastructure, interesting business models and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, he will explain the importance of energy security and providing vital and reliable sources of energy in times of disaster and grid interruption. In addition Mr. Allen Dong, the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Sales and Marketing Manager of ABB China will also present on the subject of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure “Cloud” connection and high power charging trend. That helps you to make your future business development strategies and achieve success in 2016 and beyond!

Other topics including:

. An highly efficient, convenient and easy-to-use technology for charging EVs/PHEVs, without the need  to plug-in.  Developed over many years, working closely with the automotive industry, the technology  resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy, wirelessly, from a ground-based pad to a pad integrated in the vehicle

. Analysis and Prospect of Current EV Charging Infrastructure Promoting Policy System, Guiding you with the Correct Understanding of Industry Policies, Help you to Focus on the Right Policy Point

. Understand the Latest Development of Electric Vehicle Key Technologies Based on Business Models (Fast charging/slow charging/wireless charging /battery swapping)
Part of Our Speakers:
Desmond Wheatley,                  Cheng Lin                                 Lili Li                              Way-Shin Lee                     Allen Dong  
President and CEO,              Prof. and Director                  Director Engineer                  VP Technology          Manager EV Charging 
 Envision Solar                  EV Engineering Lab      Grid Development Bureau     Qualcomm Tech Inc.          Infrastructure 
                                    Bei Jing Institute of Tech.        China State Grid                                                            ABB China                                            

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Based on our previous successful experiences, EVIS 2016 will assure you a more professional and high profile China EV industry event. With well selected world-class speakers, and variable structured plenty networking time, will help you to understand precisely infrastructure operators and EV Auto giants transition directions, and learn the methods to get profit from fast changing market, and provide you with a precious platform to network with industry decision makers and gurus and build up sustainable and profitable business partnership!

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The organising committee are looking forward to meet you in March Shanghai!

Professor C.C. Chan,Honorary Professor of University of Hong Kong; Senior Fellow of Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Germany;Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering U.K.;Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Founding President of World Electric Vehicle Association & Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific; Founding Director of International Research Center for Electric Vehicles
"I am pleased to write this greeting message and wish the 3rd Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Development Summit every success! I have been engaging in the research and development of electric vehicles for almost four decades and witnessed it’s up and down. I am very happy to share my feeling that we are seeing the dawn of the commercialization of electric vehicles. The success of commercialization of electric vehicles depends on the satisfactory tackling of four factors: initial cost, convenience of use, energy consumption and exhaust emission. Therefore, we need to pay further efforts towards the following three fundamental enablers or three goodness factors: 1. Availability of good performance products at affordable cost; 2. Availability of good infrastructures that is efficient and friendly to use; and 3. Availability of good business model to leverage the cost of batteries. This summit provide a platform to exchange ideas and experience and hence to promote the rapid development of Electric Vehicles Infrastructure."

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