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Do you konw how to build up multi - layerd Telematics security architecture based on TEE technology? Do you know the techniques of intelligent connected vehicle cyber security testing ? Have you ever think about the relationship between Precess Diana's fatal car crash and remote attack? How the development of automoitve cyber security laws and regulations? Do you konw how to protect Telematics personal privacy security? Register ACSS 2019 Now  to find the answer from information security big noise as below:



Chairman: Yu Wang, Director of Intelligent Automotive Research Office and Automotive Software Evaluation Center of China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) ; Head of Automotive Information Security Laboratory of CATARC. 


Speaker: Mingde Hu, Director of the Beijing Branch of the National Engineering Laboratory for Information Security Technology of Industrial Control Systems, special researcher; Director of the Advanced Technology Department of Knownsec Information Technology Co., Ltd.;

Topic: "From Diana's car accident -> TEE-based trusted car entertainment system -> car entertainment system attack and defense"



Speaker: Nan Zhang, Director of Intelligent Network Research and Information Security Center of Intelligent Automotive Research and Automotive Software Evaluation Center of China Automotive Technology Research Center, 

Topic: Intelligent connected vehicle cyber security testing 

Speaker: Feng Li, Automotive Solution Director, Gemalto 

Trusted Key Management – Security for Intelligent Connected Vehicles


Speaker: Xia He, Deputy Chief Engineer of Policy and 
Economics of China Academy of Information and 
Communications Tech., Ministry of Industry
and Information Technology

Development of Telematics in China and the security
upervision of government, includes personal information protection, algorithm supervision
SpeakerAtticus Zhao, Senior Lawyer,
King & Wood Law Firm

Topic: Laws and Regulations of Connected Vehicle and Autonomous Driving

Speaker: Haichun Zhang, Telematics Security Senior Researcher,  Seczone Group vehicle security laboratory

TopicTelematics personal privacy security protection



Speaker: Yubing Xia, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Trust Kernel, Associate Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University. 

Topic: TEE-based Telematics Security Architecture


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