Autonomous vehicles can make a huge difference to the automotive industry, making transportation safer and more sustainable. High-precision maps help partners in the autonomous driving industry accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology, creating a safer and more stable autonomous driving environment that will drive the entire autonomous driving industry to land quickly. With the approach of automatic driving mass production, large-scale mapping of high-precision maps has also become the main development direction.

The premise of mass production is to lower the cost of map production. DeepMap is committed to producing maps more efficiently and at a lower price. In addition to the fully automated drawing process, many hardware tycoons are hired to join the team and work with the software team. R & D, identified a set of low-cost, high-efficiency hardware acquisition equipment and processes, and finally integrated this hardware acquisition device into a hardware device M, which greatly improved the time and stability of loading and debugging.

 In the upcoming “China Autonomous Driving HD Live Map Innovation Conference (HDMap2019) ” to be held on the 23rd – 24th May 2019 in Beijing, Mr. Danny Liu, the General Manager, Greater China of DeepMap wil give a keynote talking about the exploration of HD Map data acquisition hardware equipment focusing on Improving efficiency and reducing cost.

Part of speakers lineup and topics:

Speaker: Danny Liu, General Manager, Greater China DeepMap
Topic: " Exploration of HD Map Data Acquisition Hardware Equipment "

Speaker: Hui Rong, Vice President, BAIC Automotive Group New Technology Research Institute;
Topic: " Current Status and Future Trends of China Autonomous Driving and Developing Prospects of HD Map Application  "


Speaker:  Yolanda Xi, Regional Marketing Director, Greater China ON Semiconductor

Topic: " IntelliSense paves the way for autonomous driving; Autonomous driving requires a variety of Intelligent sensing devices )camera, laser radar, millimeter wave radar, etc); Intelligent sensing device performance dtermines the landing of autonomous driving; the future directon and requirements of intelligent sensing devices in autonomous driving IntelliSense "


Chester Che, Strategic Planning Director, Horizon Robotics
Chester is currently working as Strategic Planning Director of Horizon Robotics. He was the Senior Technical Engineer of NavInfo; Head of ESRI (China) map data; Head of LiDAR of East Dawn.He is the first person of collecting in vehicle LiDAR highway HD map data. Chester is an autonomous driving map application expert and full stack data project expert with 15 years practical working experiences.


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" China HD Live Map Development Innovation Conference 2019 ” will provide you with a precious  platform to learn about key growth opportunities in the marketplace; discover how technology companies are developing solutions for autonomous cars, leading to investments in the mapping market; and build up sustainable and profitable business partnershipRegister Now to Join this China leading dedicated and foucused autonomous driving HD map industry gathering event in China to secure your success in 2019 and beyond!

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