When we move to Level 3 or 4 semi-autonomous vehicles, the need to make decisions on the road will increase and will require more detailed and accurate maps. In Mar 2019, HARMAN announced a new product – Smart Delta for Maps for connected vehicles. This new product will allow car manufacturers to push new HD Maps updates in greater frequency, so drivers can benefit from up-to-date information, which will Enhance Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Features. Selected by 24 major global OEMs, HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service manages more than 30 million connected vehicles, growing to 300 million connected vehicles in the coming years.

 In the upcoming “China Autonomous Driving HD Live Map Innovation Conference (HDMap2019) ” to be held on the 23rd – 24th May 2019 in Beijing, Mr. Jacky Wang, the Senior Technical Manager of HARMAN Connected Services, will give a keynote speech talk about how to enhance  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Features.

Part of speakers lineup and topics:


Speaker: Vincent Yang, Vice President, eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Topic: "Vincent  has more than 16 years working experiences in navigation products and has deep insight and rich technology accumulation, especially has unique insights and a wealth of application project experience in HD Map and autonomous driving field.


Speaker: Wang Wei, General Manager, Product Technology Department, Smart Map Division, NavInfo

Topic: "Online high reliable sensor, creating high reliable autonomous driving map "

Speaker: Antoine Saucier, Managing Director, Automotive division, TomTom

Topic: "Automatic HD Map Update by in-vehicle Camera Probe Data Abstractions and on Time Generation of Jam by the System  "

Speaker: Qiang Liu,  Director of Marketing and Operations Management Department,  Wuhan KOTEI Data Technology Co., Ltd.
Topic: "The development of HD Map in Outsourcing Model "


Speaker:  Jacky Wang, Senior Technical Manager, HARMAN Connected Services

Topic: "Keep HD Live Map Updated with HARMAN OTA Solution​ "

Speaker:  Yulei Liu, Senior Engineer, Automated Driving Cognitive system, Chassis System Control of Bosch China

.Topic: " Environmental awareness  and high precision positioning technology development "


For more speakers and topics of HDMap2019 please click here to download the Agenda. 

Speaker: Danny Liu, General Manager, Greater China DeepMap
Topic: " Exploration of HD Map Data Acquisition Hardware Equipment "

Speaker: Hui Rong, Vice President, BAIC Automotive Group New Technology Research Institute;
Topic: " Current Status and Future Trends of China Autonomous Driving and Developing Prospects of HD Map Application  "


Speaker:  Yolanda Xi, Regional Marketing Director, Greater China ON Semiconductor

Topic: " IntelliSense paves the way for autonomous driving; Autonomous driving requires a variety of Intelligent sensing devices )camera, laser radar, millimeter wave radar, etc); Intelligent sensing device performance dtermines the landing of autonomous driving; the future directon and requirements of intelligent sensing devices in autonomous driving IntelliSense "

Speaker: Chester Che, Strategic Planning Director, Horizon Robotics

Bio: Chester is currently working as Strategic Planning Director of Horizon Robotics. He was the Senior Technical Engineer of NavInfo; Head of ESRI (China) map data; Head of LiDAR of East Dawn.He is the first person of collecting in vehicle LiDAR highway HD map data. Chester is an autonomous driving map application expert and full stack data project expert with 15 years practical working experiences.


For more speakers and topics of HDMap2019 please click here to download the Agenda. 

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