On th 7th -8th Nov. the “China Automotive E/E Architecture Technology Innovation Conference 2019”organized by GRCC, endorsored by CASA Alliance and OPEN ALLIANCE, and sponsored by Horizon Robotics ended successfully in Shanghai.
The conference was opened by Xiaoxian Zhang, the Executive Deputy General Manager Automotive of iSOFT Infrastructure Software Co. and the Secretary General of CASA, and announced the grand opening of the conference.

This conference focused on the development trends and design development of AUTOSAR, the next generation E/E architecture, functional safety/information security, and methods and tools for electronic and electrical architecture development. First of all, Mr. Günter Reichart, the spokesperson from AUTOSAR, introduced the software framework for highly autonomous vehicle management with the theme "AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform - Intelligent Vehicle Standardization Software Platform with Functional Safety and Data Integrity"; ensuring in-vehicle communication And V2X security; optimized for dynamic configuration and wireless update (OTA); designed for service-oriented architecture and compatible with AUTOSAR's classic platform.

Next, Mr. Zhe Jing,Systems Engineering & Technical Strategy of Bosch (China), expressed his views on the future development trend of automotive electronic and electrical architecture in the future, and exchanged views with industry colleagues in China's automotive industry. The electronic and electrical architecture has been continuously developed. Bosch also works with Chinese OEMs to research and develop future electrical and electronic architectures. For the design and development of the next-generation E / E architecture, the leading technical experts from Human Horizon (Shanghai) Autonomous Technology, Karma, Toyota, SAIC, Horizon Robotics, National Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center, and esol shared the theme and elaborated. Key information for the development of intelligent connected vehicle architecture, autonomous driving, new energy vehicle EEA design, EE platform, SOA architecture and OS technology.


Functional safety and information security are important factors that cannot be ignored in the design and development of E/E architecture. The safety experts of China Automotive Research Institute, Great Wall Motor and BTC Software Technology introduced the development and test evaluation of intelligent connected vehicle electrical and electronic architecture to meet the functional safety requirements. The security requirements of domain architecture and the best one-stop approach of ISO26262 in practice level. Finally, speakers from Bosch, Mazda Motor, Ford Otosan, Great Wall Motor and Visteon shared the methods and tools for E/E architecture design and development, including: new methods and tools for manufacturing wire harness design, cutting-edge technologies such as MBD, ADD, and ZonalEEA. information.

After the end of the wonderful keynote session, the group discussion session brought the conference into another round of intense discussions and in-depth exchanges with industry professionals. The hot topic covers the essential requirements of the automotive electrical and electronic architecture. Has anyone really calculated it? How big is the computing power? What is the communication rate, communication delay, and communication capacity? What specific values and derivation processes are required? For the current SOA architecture, is it necessary to make every function into a service? If not, what are the existing functional implementation methods and service partitioning principles? What is the progress of the TSN protocol in the in-vehicle Ethernet? How to use it? Does TSN affect the flexibility of the function? How can the existing car Ethernet and the Internet be seamlessly connected? OEMs should be the trend of automotive software development, and future OEM and supplier software cooperation What kind of model will it be?” and other industry disputes reached a partial consensus.
Time flies, and the short two-day conference ends with a warm applause. The conference was highly evaluated by the participating companies including FAW Group, Geely New Energy Commercial Vehicle, Technomous, Gac Nio New Energy Automotive, Yanfeng Visteon,
DRÄXLMAIER , Chery Automobile, Dongfeng Auto, AutoNavi Software, EDAG, APTIV, Hinge Tech, ChangAn Auto, Continental, MediaTek, Great Wall Motor, BYD Auto, UAES, SAIC-GM-Wuling Auto, Denso, SAIC Volkswagen, Hua Wei Technology, BAIC New Energy Motor, Toyota R&D China, Mentor Graphics, E-Planet Technologies etc. The intelligence of the entire car is the direction of the development of the automotive industry and the core focus of the whole competition. CHINA EEA2019 is of great significance for promoting the industry to continue to develop and to carry out a higher level of innovation.

For more speakers and topics please click here to download Agenda

Part of the attending Lists :

Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics      System Architect
Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics      Senior Manager
Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics      Project Director 
Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics      Electric Architect
Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Electronics      Software Architect
iSoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd            Deputy General Manager
iSoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd            Clients Manager
iSoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd            Senior Marketing Manager
DRÄXLMAIER GROUP                                 Director Concept Design Electric    
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle                      Chief Engineer EEA Technology
Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle                      Deputy Director of EEA Development Dep. 
Chery Automobile R&D Center                     Director of Intelligent Vehicle Technology Center
AutoNavi Software                                        Technical Expert
EDAG                                                            COO
EDAG                                                            EE Director
EDAG                                                            Director
APTIV                                                            Technical Manager
APTIV                                                            Product Line Architecture
Horizon Robotics                                           Vice President
Horizon Robotics                                           Intelligent Dricing Technical Expert
Hinge Tech                                                     Deputy General Manager
Hinge Tech                                                     CTO
Hinge Tech                                                     Manager
CRRC TIMES Electric Vehicle                       Head of Intelligent Driving Systems
CRRC TIMES Electric Vehicle                       Minister of Intelligent Control Technology
CRRC TIMES Electric Vehicle                       Head of Intelligent Control Technology
AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt.                     Technical Sales Manager
ChangAn Auto                                               Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Architecture Development Engineer
ChangAn Auto                                               Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Architecture Development Engineer Director  
Continental                                           Head of RD Shanghai , Continental Automotive , Interior Body & Security
Innovation Manager & Software Specialist RD Shanghai, 
                                                             Continental Automotive, Interior Body & Security 
Contiental                                             Lead of Platform & Quote , Function Cluster Access & Tire Control Asia, 

                                                          Continental Automotive, Interior Body & Security

Continental                                           Head of Function Cluster Body & Network Shanghai , 

                                                          Continental Automotive, Interior Body & Security

 MediaTek.Inc                                                Marketing Manager

 MediaTek.Inc                                                Product Planing Director
 Media Tek.Inc                                               Product Manger

 Sinotruk                                                        Minister of Automotive Electronics Design

 Sinotruk                                                        EE Architecture Design

 Tianjin YiDingfeng Power                             Deputy General Manager
FAW Group                                          Field Manager
FAW Group                                           Engineer
FAW Group                                           Director of Electronic and Electrical Institute
FAW Group                                           Hardware Development Director
FAW Group                                           Architectural Design Director
FAW Group                                           Architectural Design Director
Geely New Energy                                EEA Director Commercial Vehicle
Geely New Energy                                EEA Chief Engineer Commercial Vehicle
Technomous                                         Product Manager 
Technomous                                         Senior Product Manager 
Gac Nio New                                        Electronic Architecture Manager Energy Automotive 

Dongfeng Motor                                           Chief Engineer of Electrical and Electronic Architecture

Dongfeng Motor                                           Chief Engineer of Electrical and Electronic Architecture

Great Wall Motor                                          Infotainment R&D Dept

Great Wall Motor                                          Infotainment R&D Dept

BYD Auto                                                     Vice President of Automotive Engineering Research Institute
BYD Auto                                                     Electronics Research Manager

UAES                                                           Senior Manager

UAES                                                           Senior Manager

SAIC-GM-Wuling Auto                                 EMC Analysis Engineer

SAIC Volkswagen                                        Advanced Domain Controller Engineer

Denso                                                          Director
Shanghai E-Planet                                      Technology Deputy Director

Shanghai Hua Wei Tech                              Chief Engineer
Shanghai Hua Wei Tech                             E/E Architecture Engineer
Shanghai Hua Wei Tech                             E/E Architecture Engineer
Shanghai Hua Wei Tech                             Planning and Research
Shanghai Hua Wei Tech                             Product Manager
DOTRUST Technology                               Architecture Product Deputy Line Manager
DOTRUST Technology                               Architecture Product Deputy Line Manager

Toyota R&D China                                      Diector
Mentor  Graphic                                          Automotive Solution Architect
South East Auto                                         Product Manager
Brilliance Auto R&D Institute                      EEA Director
BAIC New Energy                                      Senior Manager

BAIC New Energy                                      
Senior Manager
Karma Automotive                                     VP Electrical Engineering
Karma Automotive                                     Chief Engineer




A very good platform and opportunity for information sharing and technical exchanges ” 
 -- Geely Auto

I got a lot of new information
-- LG Electronics

 “ It has created a platform for companies to exchange and discuss, which is very conducive to the development of domestic automotive electronics.”  

--  Brilliance Auto 

The content discussed in this conference is very fit in the auto industry development trend, I have learned a lot of reference and useful knowledge

 --   Sinotruk

Very good! especially the final round Table Discussion, that is quite fit in Actual demand sharing
-- FAW Intelligent Vehicle R&D Center

 “ Well demonstrated the international latest concepts, knowledge and enterprise in the field of EE architecture ”
--  FAW Group

Very good! especially the final round Table Discussion, that is quite fit inActual demand sharing” 
-- FAW Intelligent Vehicle R&D Center

 “ Content rich with very wide range topics of technologies, cutting-edge, innovative and 
necessary ”

-- ChangAn Auto

Have both academic and engineering exchanges, that are very useful to my research
-- GAC R&D Center

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