Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, may be the greatest disruptive innovation to travel that we have experienced in a century. A fully-automated, self-driving car is able to perceive its environment, determine the optimal route, and drive unaided by human intervention for the entire journey. Self-driving cars have the potential to drastically reduce accidents, travel time, and the environmental impact of road travel. However, obstacles remain for the full implementation of the technology including the need to reduce public fear, increase reliability, and create adequate regulations. Of particular concern with regard to self-driving cars are Data privacy and Cyber Security risks.

As vehicles become more computerized and begin to generate huge amounts of data, the potential for unwanted  third-party access of that data and the risk of cyber threat increases. Hackers could potentially access the personal data of a driver, such as the vehicle’s location, the identity of others in the car, and whether the driver is home at any particular time. Additionally, cyber -attacks could have potentially fatal consequences, not just for the driver and passengers inside the vehicle, but for anyone or anything physically surrounding the self-driving car. 

At the upcoming  5th Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2020 to be held on the 26th - 28th in Shanghai, Mr. Youlei Chen, the Chief Security Architect in the Policy and Standard Patent Department of Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU of Huawei Technologies co., LTD. will illustrate the latest research on data security of autonomous driving and evaluation Framework including Risk analysis of data security in automatic driving; Data classification of automatic driving and security architecture and Research on cybersecurity evaluation framework.

In addition, Dr. Yongfeng Huang, Professor, Ph.D., Ph.D Supervisor, Deputy Director, Minjiang Scholar Chair Professor, Department of Electronics and Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University will introduce Cloud & Block Chain fusion model and method for intelligent connected vehicle big data security and trusted sharing

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Presentation Topic: 
 Information Security Construction Planning Practice Sharing"

Hongbo Xing, CIO, CH Auto Technologies Corp. / Qian Tu Automotive
Mr. Xing has accumulated 13 years of process design and process management experience, 22 years of information construction (informatization planning and project construction implementation) experience, and 5 years of group planning and investment management experience

Presentation Topic:Research on Data Security of Autonomous Driving and Evaluation Framework"

Risk analysis of data security in automatic driving; Data classification of automatic driving and security architecture Research on cybersecurity evaluation framework.

Speaker: Youlei Chen, Chief Security Architect in the Policy and Standard Patent Department of Intelligent Automotive Solutions BU of Huawei Technologies co., LTD. 

Presentation Topic: "Cybersecurity challenges specific to V2V communications; Weighing the benefits and challenges of DSRC, C-ITS and C-V2X"

Ye Tian, Network security researcher and Project manager, Department of Security Technology, Research Institute of China Mobile Communications Corporation

Dr. Tian Ye is network security researcher and project manager in department of security technology, research institute of China Mobile. He is engaged in C-V2X security and cellular network security research for many years, currently mainly focus on 4G/5G network service for vertical industries, C-V2X security solution research, C-V2X security technology standardization and industry application promotion. 


Presentation Topic:Cybersecurity considerations for EV, Autonomous and the futureof Mobility.”

This presentation will investigate and analyse the latestcybersecurity trends seen in the automotive industry which will affect the EV,autonomous and future mobility market.  We will investigate the adoption of cybersecurity features within the vehicles, the factors to consider withrespect vehicle architecture and security operations centre.  We will investigate what the drivers are and the effects of up and coming typeapprovals within WP.29 and the introduction of ISO/SAE 21434.

Speaker: Gangsong Zhou, Cyber Security Specialist, Secure Car Department, SBD Automotive


Presentation Topic: " Securing Digital Economy & Connected Vehicles "

Speaker: Yale Li, Chairman of Cloud Security Alliance Greater China Region (CSA GCR) ,  Chief Cloud Security Scientist & Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Senior Fellow & Adjunct Professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University. Yale had been Chief Security & Privacy Architect of Huawei and had been with Microsoft in US for 16 years as the Chief Security Architect and China CISO. He came to Microsoft from IBM in Canada where he was the Chief Technology Architect.

Presentation Topic:Function Security and Information Security in Autonomous Driving "

Autonomous driving raises stringent requirements on design of car security framework, both functional security as well as information security. Takes this opportunity, Thales would like to share their experience in aviation autonomous driving field to facilitate prosperous future in growth of autonomous driving.

Speaker: Tao Haukka, Automotive Mobility Service, Thales

Presentation Topic: "Proactive Security by Design for Embedded Systems "

The Internet of Things (IoT) Security Controls Framework introduces the base-level security controls required to mitigate many of the risks associated with an IoT system that incorporates multiple types of connected devices, cloud services, and networking technologies. The IoT Security Controls Framework provides utility across many IoT domains from systems processing only “low-value” data with limited impact potential, to highly sensitive systems that support critical services. The Framework also helps users identify appropriate security controls and allocate them to specific components within their IoT system. I will review the following: How to Use the CSA IoT Security Controls Framework; typical IoT system components, understanding the Objectives, System Risk Impact Levels, Implementation Guidance, with discussion of many real life challenges at all 7 layers with a Security-by-Design approach.

Speaker: Mark Szewczul, CISSP,Cyber Security Expert, CSA IoT Working Group


Presentation Topic: Assurance of secure C-V2X capabilities "

Automakers have been challenged withthe task of making a fully secure connected vehicle to keep drivers safe on theroad and protect their privacy. Vehicles are designed with driver and passenger safety as a key concern; however, without proper security, there cannot be safety.
This presentation will provide anu pdate on the current state of deployment of V2X technologies, regulatory and standardization activities across key global markets.
The strategies for the implementationof high speed communications security for connected vehicles based on both theIEEE and China CCSA standard. Problems and lessons learned from American CV pilots (Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program)

Speaker: Ryan Wu, Staff manager of Product Marketing, Qualcomm Automotive BU.


Presentation Topic: "Security in the Automotive Development Process in the Age of ISO/SAE 21434"

This talk presents security activities in the development process based on ISO/SAE 21434 to help automotive companies develop more secure systems. We will discuss practical implementation examples for each cybersecurity step added in the development process. Specifically, we will provide some examples on what is required from a resources and tools perspective to ensure an efficient and practical implementation of the various steps in the development process.

Speaker: Dennis Kengo Oka, Sr. Solution Architect, Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Presentation Topic: " Connected Vehicles Security – GAS & 3rd Party Apps "

This presentation will introduce why connected vehicle security and evolutions of the connected vehicle. You will also learn the emerging security topics in automotive, and adoption of google automotive services& 3rd party apps; Android vulnerabilitites require frequent patching-more than OEM can handle today; you will also hear about data privacy issues including GDPR in automotive and Google play protect data collection may not be transparent.

Speaker: Dragos Dabija, Security Manager, Accenture


Presentation Topic: "The Future International Regulation on Automotive Cybersecurity"

This presentation will introduce the Risks of cyberattacks to motor vehicles and their trailers;  Current situation of worldwide standards and regulations on automotive cybersecurity; Development by the United Nations of an international regulation on automotive cybersecurity; Test phase of the draft international regulation with authorities and technical services; Implementation of the UN Regulation in the different countries and the Outlook

Speaker: Dr. Kai Frederik ZASTROW, Chairman of OICA Technical Committee; Master Expert Regulation Certification Standards, Groupe PSA

Presentation Topic: " Xiaopeng Automobile - Construction and Practice of Intelligent IoT Security System "

This presentation will introduce Xiaopeng Automobile's intelligent IoT security architecture, share how Xiaopeng Automobile connects the car, cloud, and mobile phones, and how to implement intelligent IoT security interactions between multiple terminals to achieve a safe and convenient security experience and service for customers. Taking the digital car key as an example of practical application, I will share and explore with Xiaopeng Automotive the intelligent ecological feasible landing scene and cooperation direction with all ecological partners.

Speaker: Dr. Zirao Cheng, Leader of Information Security and Intelligent Ecology Senior Expert of IoT Security and Director of Intelligent Ecological Technology, Xiaopeng Automotive

Presentation Topics: "Cybersecurity Issues and Solutions for In-vehicle Networks"

With the rapid development of automotive intelligence, autonomous driving technologies will gradually be put into practical use, and requirements for the security of the in-vehicle network are gradually raised. This presentation covers CAN / CANFD, Ethernet and other buses from the perspectives of threat analysis and risk assessment, best practices, standards, and solutions, which explores the network security protection system of the in-vehicle network.

Speaker: Yun Li, Ph.D, Vecentek Co., Ltd./University of Electronics Science & Technology of China

Presentation Topics: "Thinkings and Exploration of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Dynamic Defense System"
This presentation will introduce to you the Intelligent connected vehicle product analysis in massive production status; Security threat migration trend from functional evolution; Analysis of Intelligent connected Security Standardization System; Thoughts on the core elements and architecture of security defense; Dynamic confrontation solution exploration practice; Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Connected Automotive Safety Core Capability Summary

Speaker: Wei Zhong, Senior Security Expert, Alibaba AliOS

Presentation Topics: " When IOV Security Meets Security Certification "

With the increasing intelligence and Internet of automobiles, the information security of the Internet of Vehicles is also developing rapidly, and the potential risk factor is also increasing. The information security of the Internet of Vehicles has become a "new battlefield" for vehicle safety. This speech starts from the information security threats faced by the Internet of Vehicles, and leads to the mainstream information security authentication mechanism at home and abroad, and illustrates the process and necessity of the information security certification of the Internet of Vehicles products.

Speaker: Haichun Zhang, Senior researcher,  Vehicle Security Laboratory, Seczone Group

Presentation Topics: " Research on Automotive Cybersecurity Trend and Testing Technology in the Domestics and Overseas"

• The current situation analysis of automobile information security at home and abroad;

•  Analysis of domestic and foreign automobile information security trends; 

•  and Foreign automobile information security test technology research.

Speaker: Xintian Hou, Department of Security Testing and Research  PM, Detection and Certification Division ·Software Evaluation Center, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co.,Ltd.


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