Looking at the automotive industry today, the trend of automotive electronic architecture (EEA) is to concentrate computing power in the center and in the cloud. With the development of automotive electronic architecture in the direction of domain concentration, Tier1 are the first to suffer. They must have a wider range of system capabilities. The future auto parts supplier market may only have room for two to three giants. It is foreseeable that the intimate years of traditional car companies and traditional Tier1 will also come to an end, and each other is about to fight endlessly for the dominance of software. In the future, companies with software, vehicle and Tire1 capabilities will have a better chance of winning.  "The 3rd Annual China Automotive E/E Architecture Technology Innovation Conference CHINA EEA 2020 to be held on the 3rd, 4th Nov. in Shanghai. will help you to 

• Occupy the core position of the future automotive supply chain
• Improve software development capabilities
• Improve management model and workflow
• Master the future competitive landscape of the smart car industry
• Understand the game rules of automotive product iteration
• Grasp the future development trend of EE architecture

Part of Speaker Lineup: 

Topic: "Next Generation E/E Architecture Safety System Development " 

The core issue of intelligent connected vehicles (level L3 and
above) is safety. Functional safety and information security are complementary and inseparable to build a security system for
the electronic and electrical architecture of intelligent connected vehicles.
Based on this security system, the intelligent network
can be guaranteed. The safety and reliability of the
intelligent functions of connected vehicles and the
safety and reliability of connected control. This speech
will explain the roadmap for the development of
intelligent connected vehicle technology; the safety
challenges faced by intelligent 
connected vehicles;
the necessity of building a security system for intelligent 

connected vehicles and the construction of a new-
eneration architecture security system

Speaker: Fengmin Tang Director of Automotive
Electronics Department, Fifth Development Division

China Automotive Technology Research Center, 
Automotive Engineering Research Institute. 



Working Experiences: July 2007-January 2010: Chery
Automobile Co., Ltd. Electronic and Electrical Department 

February 2010-present: China Automotive Technology
Research Center Automotive Engineering Research
Institute Department of Electronics. Since 2007, he has
been engaged in the research and development of
electrical and electronic architecture. He has rich
experience in the development process of electrical and
electronic architecture, vehicle bus, functional safety,
electrical architecture, and the use of PREEvision
software. He has experience in the development of
electrical and electronic architecture for 15 models.
Presided over the compilation of the electronic and
electrical architecture part of the national major special
project "Intelligent Connected Vehicle Electronic and
Electrical Architecture Development" and "Intelligent
Connected Vehicle Technology Roadmap 2.0".

Topic: "Bosch Electrical Electric and Architecture in

As the concepts of service-oriented architecture
and software-defined vehicles are gradually
implemented, each OEM and supplier have their
own different understandings. This presentatio will
illustrate  to you that, In the face of this new and
far-reaching change, how did Bosch's architecture
epartment gradually move from a traditional electrical
and electronic architecture to a service-oriented
architecture to embrace software-defined vehicles.
In addition, in the current revolution, how should
we focus on the current architecture so that it can
expand the service-oriented architecture design
while taking into account the traditional architecture.
The presentation will also introduce  to you the development trend of software-defined vehicles, current solutions and future challenges.

Speaker Renjie Zhang, Bosch China-Bosch Engineering Technology Electronic and Electrical Architecture Engineer/Senior Software Engineer

Bio:  After graduating from the University of Sheffield
with a master's degree in software engineering, he
joined Bosch and was responsible for the
development of brake system software. After that,
he participated in the design and construction of
Bosch's latest architecture platform. He has a
wealth of software knowledge background and
understanding of service-oriented architecture,
and is familiar with automobile development processes, brake software development and architecture design methods. 


Speaker: Dongjie Song, Chief Engineer EEA Design,
Commercial Vehicle R&D, Geely New Energy
Commercial Vehicle

Bio: Mr. Song is currently working as Chief Engineer
of Electric and Electrical Architecture Design at
Commercial Vehicle Research Institute of Geely New
Energy Commercial Vehicle Company. Before He has
worked at Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology
Center for 14 years. Mr. Song started to research and
work at EEA field.

Topic: Discussion on electrical appliance architecture
based on user experience

SpeakerDexuan Cai, Director of User Experience
Center of Product Digitalization Center, Great Wall Motors



Topics: “ AUTOSAR Development in China”
Introduce the latest development of the AUTOSAR
organization, especially the application of AUTOSAR
at partners in China. And the plan to strengthen the China AUTOSAR community activities.

Speaker: Jing Zhe, Engineering Director Systems
Engineering & Technical Strategy; AUTOSAR
China Representative, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.


Topics: “ The car of the future – a "data center
on wheels “

From distributed to domain and zonal architectures
The CAR.OS and functional platform stacks 
OEM, Tech and supplier strategies Implications for
the industry

Speaker:  Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart, Senior Partner,
Roland Berger GmbH

Bio: Dr. Bernhart is a Senior Partner at Roland Berger
GmbH,based in Stuttgart Germany

He leads the Global "Advanced Technology Center"
(ATC) within Roland Berger'sIndustrial Platform.
The ATC supports Automotive , Industrial and High
Techcompanies in defining new business models,
developing and executingrespective strategies,
transforming the organization and processes and
establishing winning partnerships, with a profound
and in-depth knowledgeon technology development
in sensing, computing, and actuators as well as
energy storage technologies (Lithium ion, fuel cell). 

A special focus within Automotive lies on future
Electronics architectures, software platforms and
applications around ADAS/Automated Driving,
IVI, connectivity and respective cloud platforms. 
Dr. Bernhart has worked with leading global and
Asian OEMs, suppliers, semiconductor and tech
companies on transformational topics towards the "software-enabled car"


Major Topics:

•   Discuss the dispute between the Tesla model and the traditional OEM model. Discuss the transformation 
     of the business model.
•   The Build of Next Generation E/E Architecture Safety and Security System
•   The Changing Industrial Chain Demand of New EE Architecture
•   Explore the unified software platform and its standards, how to re-Thinking about software development
•   How to Subvert and Refactor the Entire Automotive Development Process under software-defined Vehicle
•   The Requirements of the Internet of Vehicles on the e/e Architecture under 5G Technology
•   Discussion on Technical and Strategic Issues of Decoupling Software and Hardware
•   The Latest Automotive Ethernet Technology and its Automotive Industrial Trends


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A very good platform and opportunity for information sharing and technical exchanges ” 
 -- Geely Auto

I got a lot of new information
-- LG Electronics

 “ It has created a platform for companies to exchange and discuss, which is very conducive to the development of domestic automotive electronics.”  

--  Brilliance Auto 

The content discussed in this conference is very fit in the auto industry development trend, I have learned a lot of reference and useful knowledge

 --   Sinotruk

Very good! especially the final round Table Discussion, that is quite fit in Actual demand sharing
-- FAW Intelligent Vehicle R&D Center

 “ Well demonstrated the international latest concepts, knowledge and enterprise in the field of EE architecture ”
--  FAW Group

Very good! especially the final round Table Discussion, that is quite fit inActual demand sharing” 
-- FAW Intelligent Vehicle R&D Center

 “ Content rich with very wide range topics of technologies, cutting-edge, innovative and 
necessary ”

-- ChangAn Auto

Have both academic and engineering exchanges, that are very useful to my research
-- GAC R&D Center

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