The "precise map" is the support for the construction of high-level autonomous driving demonstration areas. Recently, the reporter learned that as Beijing's high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone started construction in the Economic Development Zone, the Economic Development Zone is promoting the establishment of platform companies such as high-precision map management and services to simultaneously carry out the construction of high-precision positioning and map services. This is also a renewed effort to promote the development of autonomous driving maps in the Economic Development Zone.

With the development of the intelligent networked automobile industry, the development of basic maps for autonomous vehicles has become a top priority. Different from conventional electronic maps, the basic map of intelligent networked vehicles needs to cover the spatial location and surrounding environment, with high information accuracy, rich attributes, and multiple functions such as high-precision positioning, auxiliary environment perception, planning and decision-making.

The upcoming “2nd Annaul China Autonomous Driving HD Live Map Innovation Conference (HDMap2020) ” to be held on the 3rd - 4th Nov. 2020 in Shanghai will help you to 

• Understand the meaning of autonomous driving maps
• Understand the technology and application trends of intelligent networked vehicles, high-precision positioning, and autonomous driving maps
• Grasp the current situation and prospects of high-precision map policies, regulations and standards
• Enhance data iteration and update capabilities
• Learn about the understanding and quality requirements of high-precision maps from commercial project customers
• Master the key technologies of smart car basic map and verify the service capabilities of smart car basic map
  And develop a unified smart car basic map
• Solve data volume and data quality issues
• Obtain standardization and compliance development, standardize product specifications, and promote rapid compliance approval
• Master the latest scientific research projects at home and abroad
• Understand the commercialization process of high-precision maps;


Part of speakers lineup:


Topic: " Towards future Automated driving ”

Safety shall be the No.1 priority in automated driving; industrializaton shall be the base for automated driving, intelligent & connected vehicle shall be the future, there HD map and localization play important role


Lu Hongbing,Project Manager,Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd

Bio: 2019-today  HD map and localization solution for automated driving

2016-2018  Connected engineering and connectivity function development

2003-2015  System development and application powertrain solution

Topic: "How indispensable our high-precision maps are for autonomous driving, how to find the key to replace standardization with high-precision maps in the near future "

Speaker: Keisuke Tajima, Vice President of Overseas Business (Asia Pacific), Dynamic Map Platform
Keisuke Tajima is the Vice President of Overseas Business (Asia Pacific) of Dynamic Map Platform. He is responsible for the business development and alliance cooperation of HD Maps in the Asia Pacific region. Keisuke Tajima also provides business leaders with knowledge and experience about digital navigation maps and high-precision maps for autonomous driving, helping them to cope with the cross-cultural challenges involved in doing business in the Asia-Pacific region, and helping them to develop a Strategy for success.



Topic: “ Integrated Development of Autonomous Driving Visual Perception Positioning and Map Technology”

Construct feature maps and geographic tags for segmentation and semantic understanding; as prior knowledge, maps can also simplify, modify, and constrain positioning information. The fusion of perception information, positioning information and map information can promote the development of autonomous driving.

Speaker: Li Bijun, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Surveying, Mapping and Remote
Sensing Information Engineering Wuhan University

Li Bijun, Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor, innovative talent in China Optics Valley, leading talent in modern service industry in Hubei Province, has long been engaged in research on navigation and location services, intelligent driving and vehicle-road collaboration. He is a member of the National Standardization Committee of Surveying and Mapping, a director of the China Intelligent Transportation Association, a member of the Intelligent Driving Committee of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, and an expert member of the Intelligent Transportation Committee.

Topic: “ AUTONOMOUS CARS: Legal Challenges to HD MAP, Surveying/Mapping & Data Compliance ”

Covid-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to the whole world in 2020. The innovation and development of autonomous driving technology, nevertheless, forge ahead. HD map, surveying and mapping and data compliance remain one the legal challenges in the autonomous driving in China.  Chinese government has actively responded to from a regulatory perspective:  the regulation on surveying and mapping license will be overhauled, the Scope of State Secrets in the Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation was issued few months ago, the legislation of data security and personal information protection has been in the fast lane. As carmakers, suppliers, developers of self-driving technology and participants, how can we deal with these changes and challenges?Let’s discuss.  

Speaker: Atticus Zhao, Of Counsel, King&Wood Mallesons

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 Major Topics 2020 :

• Discuss what product form the high-precision map will develop in the future?

• Discuss how the domestic high-precision map business model will take shape under the great opportunity of centralized mass production of L3 and above autonomous driving

• How to achieve large-scale updates of high-precision maps at low cost to meet the needs of autonomous driving

• Discuss the formulation of data map format standards that can completely cover the complex and changeable traffic environment, road characteristics and traffic regulations

• Explore the important direction of the next stage of positioning technology evolution

• Discussion on the possibility and method for OEM to verify the reliability of map data

• Discuss OEM's business model innovation for consumers to cope with the cost challenge brought by the adoption of high-precision maps

• Evaluate low-cost solutions for reliable lane-level positioning

• How to verify the reliability of existing fusion positioning nationwide, and then indirectly verify the reliability of high-precision map data

• Discuss whether the entire positioning system needs to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262 and how to meet the requirements

• Positioning data has problems of multi-source fusion and long sensing paths. Explore and study how to ensure the expected functional safety

• Discuss how to use map information correctly, including: high-speed hand-off smart driving geofence information judgment, ACC, LKA function pre-deceleration, autonomous ramp and vehicle control

• Exciting debate, "The high-precision map of the lidar point cloud path is salted fish"?

• Discuss the challenges and solutions brought by the complexity of high-precision maps, including: how to accurately integrate semantic information, spatial information, and time information into high-precision maps

• Develop a new overall functional architecture to effectively process GB-level raw data and meet high-frequency map updates

• Discuss how to get through the link from offline (offline) to online (online), and update the changed road information to the self-driving vehicle in time

• High-precision map combined with 5G technology

For more speakers and topics of HDMap2020 please click here to download the Agenda. 

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