With the acceleration of the process of automobile intelligence and networking, automobile network security is facing more and more severe challenges. The data provided by Xiao Lingyun, director of the Automobile Department of the Defective Product Management Center of the State Administration for Market Regulation, is shocking: Since the beginning of this year, there have been more than 2.8 million malicious attacks on related enterprises and platforms such as vehicle companies and Internet of Vehicles information service providers.

At the same time, problems related to the industry chain, especially traditional car companies, lack of cyber security awareness, lack of protection capabilities, and insufficient security investment are very prominent. In this context, The 5th Annual China Automotive Cyber Security Summit 2020 is going to be held on the 3rd - 4th in Shanghai,  more than 200 + industry colleagues from government agencies, enterprises and institutions, scientific research institutes and other fields gathered together to have candid exchanges and in-depth discussions on automobile security issues, and offer suggestions for the network information security faced by smart cars.



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Presentation Topic: " Current Status and Practice of Automobile Information Security"

This presentation will introuce the current situation and implementation dilemmas of automobile information security; The key steps to achieve automotive information security; BAIC Automobile 's information security practices

Speaker:Feng Li, Chief Engineer of Automotive Information Security, Beijing Automotive Research Institute

Presentation Topic:Information Security Technology Framework and Best Practices of Intelligent Connected Vehicle Enterprise "  

Topic highlights: Three directions for the safety construction of intelligent connected
vehicle enterprises, analysis of the methodology of the NIST CSF and SABSA framework, and the planning and construction of the automated safety tool chain.

Speaker: Edgesky Zheng,  Head of Information Security, GAC NIO New Energy Automobile 


Presentation Topic: " Automotive OEMs - How to Deal with WP29 Cyber Security Compliance"

• UNECE GRVA WP29 Cyber Security Compliance Background Introduction

Organizational structure, compliance background, scope of applicable vehicle models, response attitudes of the banned country, etc.

• Description of the relationship between WP29 and ISO21434

WP29 compliance requirement framework—correspondence between WP29 and ISO21434

• Car companies’ WP29 compliance status differences and rectification routes

The main target difference of safety governance—The main difference of safety business execution target—The WP29 car company's comprehensive rectification route

• Introduction of Deloitte WP29 project experience and service capabilities

Introduction to Deloitte WP29 Project Experience—Introduction to the core methodology of Deloitte WP29 project implementation

Speaker:Boris Zhang, Engagement Partner, CIA、CISA. Deloitte

Presentation Topic:TISAX---Information security assessment of automotive supply chain"  

TISAX has become the general information security capability requirement of German automotive industry. From OEM to traditional parts suppliers and more extensive partners such as automatic driving and intelligence mobility, the whole industry chain follows the same information security standard (VDA-ISA), and obtains the corresponding TISAX Label through the third-party audit report, which not only protects the key information assets and core IPs of OEMs and suppliers, but also helps enterprises establish continuous cyber governance capabilities. Nearly 100 enterprises have passed this strict assessment in China, which will help the whole industry to realize the comprehensive cyber security governance, from ISMS to CSMS, from enterprise management to the life cycle of its product & service.

Speaker: Frank Wu, Associate Director of KPMG China

Presentation Topic: "ISO-SAE 21434 current status and Potential alignment with ISO-2626"

An overview of the current state of development of ISO-SAE 21434 is presented. Additionally, the similarities between functional safety (ISO 26262) and cybersecurity (ISO-SAE 21434) is discussed and recommendations for how the two disciplines should interact throughout the entire product lifecycle to leverage synergies and to avoid unnecessary delays during product development

Speaker: John Krzeszewski, Engineering Manager, Cybersecurity at Eaton

Presentation Topic:Regulatory (WP29) and Technical Challenges for Automotive Security in Quantum Computing Era”

With security challenges requirements of the upcoming UNECE WP29 R155, it covers the vehicle type till the end-of-life. To enable security for post-production phase, it might lead us enter Quantum computing era.   In this talk, we discuss the requirements of WP.29 R155 and technical challenges for automotive security when facing quantum computing era. An overview of post quantum cryptography status is given followed by a use case study of secure diagnostic. The example using combinations of post quantum cryptographic algorithms to establish a secured and authentic communication channel between the electrical control unit (ECU) and a testing device for on-board diagnosis (OBD).

Speaker: Dr. Yi (Estelle) Wang, Team Lead for Security & Privacy Competence Center Singapore Principal Specialist Security & Privacy, Holistic Engineering & Technologies – he[a]t, Continental Automotive Singapore





Presentation Topic: "Secure Automotive Software Development in the Age of ISO/SAE 21434"

This talk presents cybersecurity activities in the software development process based on ISO/SAE 21434 to help automotive companies develop more secure systems. We will discuss practical implementation examples for each cybersecurity step in the development process. Specifically, we will provide some examples on what is required for automotive organizations from a resources and tools perspective to ensure efficient and practical implementations of the various steps in order to create a secure automotive software development process.

Speaker: Dennis Kengo Oka,  Principal Automotive Security Strategist, Synopsys Software Integrity Group

Presentation Topic:Network security design for smart vehicles

The introduction of intelligence and networking in the automotive industry has brought new network security risks. At present, the number of attacks on intelligent networked vehicles is rising rapidly. In order to cope with the challenges of network security, intelligent networked car manufacturers and suppliers need to provide comprehensive protection from both security management and security technology. In addition, the industry also needs to build a network security evaluation system to promote the improvement of the industry's network security level

Speaker: Chen Jing, Intelligent Car Solutions BU, Chief Information Security Standard


Presentation Topics: "Cybersecurity Issues and Solutions for In-vehicle Networks"

With the rapid development of automotive intelligence, autonomous driving technologies will gradually be put into practical use, and requirements for the security of the in-vehicle network are gradually raised. This presentation covers CAN / CANFD, Ethernet and other buses from the perspectives of threat analysis and risk assessment, best practices, standards, and solutions, which explores the network security protection system of the in-vehicle network.

Speaker: Yun Li, Ph.D, Vecentek Co., Ltd./University of Electronics Science & Technology of China


Presentation Topics: " When IOV Security Meets Security Certification "

With the increasing intelligence and Internet of automobiles, the information security of the Internet of Vehicles is also developing rapidly, and the potential risk factor is also increasing. The information security of the Internet of Vehicles has become a "new battlefield" for vehicle safety. This speech starts from the information security threats faced by the Internet of Vehicles, and leads to the mainstream information security authentication mechanism at home and abroad, and illustrates the process and necessity of the information security certification of the Internet of Vehicles products.

Speaker: Haichun Zhang, Senior researcher,  Vehicle Security Laboratory, Seczone Group



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