"The 5th Annual Intelligent Connected Vehicle E/E Architecture Innovation Conference" is going to be held on the Dec. 14-15. 2023 in SHANGHAI. Compared with traditional automobiles, the development of smart cars is ushering in a qualitative improvement, the product attributes have changed from travel tools to mobile intelligent spaces, and the profit model has changed from hardware-based to experience-based. In the era of smart cars, the upgrade of electronic and electrical architecture is the foundation for development.

The number of automotive electronics suppliers may gradually decrease in the future, and the supply chain system has changed from a well-defined chain to a network supply chain, with new roles such as Tier0.5 and 1.5 emerging, enabling OEMs to directly cooperate with suppliers beyond tier1. More importantly, increasingly complex intelligence forces car companies to change their electronic and electrical architecture and overall R&D model.

"Intelligence" is the key word that dominates the second half of the automotive industry revolution, and the expansion of scenarios such as intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent networking needs to be supported by the upgrading of electronic and electrical architecture. In order to effectively and timely meet the needs of users in the era of smart cars, the new E/E architecture is the starting point for OEMs to define the whole vehicle and seize market share through software in the future. This year the EEA 2023 will help you to understand the current developing status of China EEA industry including policies and regulations, standards, business models, and help you to catch up incremental market business opportunities in the field of SDV, SOA, HPC, ZCU etc. Part of our speakers and topics as below:

TOPIC: "Development of E/E architecture and tool chain construction based on SOA"
• Progress in key technologies and standardization of electronic and electrical architecture 

• SOA E/E architecture development methodology 
• SOA architecture development toolchain

Speaker: Tang Fengmin, General Manager of the Architecture Division, China National Automobile
(Beijing) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Research Institute Co., Ltd.;
TOPIC:"Research on the Trend of Centralization of Electronic and Electrical Architecture"
• The trend of the proportion of EEA in the industry
• Different centralized architecture options
• Bosch's response reference

Speaker: Zhe
Jing , Director of Technology Strategy, Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd.;
Representative of AUTOSAR in China.

TOPIC: "Discussion on in-vehicle software architecture"
• Characteristics of the in-vehicle software architecture
• The development direction of in-vehicle software architecture
• The necessity of the in-vehicle software industry

Speaker: Liao Lei, Chief Software Technology Officer
GAC Research Institute

TOPIC: "Automotive-grade operating system - the cornerstone of functional safety of domain controllers"
• Evolution of automotive electronic and electrical architecture
• Basic software technology
• Automotive-grade operating system

Speaker: Dong Yuanwen, Chief Representative,
BlackBerry QNX Greater China.

TOPIC: "DENSO's E/E architecture development status for SDV realization and some
considerations of technology deployment in China market

•  The automotive industry is currently in the midst of a once-in-a-century major transformation,
exemplified by the CASE.

•  At DENSO, under the concept of SDV, we are strongly promoting the creation of new business
models, technological innovation, and the development of foundational technologies. 

•  In this presentation, we will discuss our focus areas within these activities and development
status for SDV realization and some considerations of technology deployment in China market.

Speaker: ZHNEG LIU , Project Director, DENSO CREATE INC.  

TOPIC: "Incorporating AI into SDV: The Future of Automotive ESS"
• Architectural foundations for software-defined vehicles.
• Design methods and considerations to incorporate AI.

• AI-powered ESS.

Speaker: Junghwan Lee, CEO, BatterMachine 


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Very good! especially the final round Table Discussion, that is quite fit inActual demand sharing” 
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