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Now, according to a report Friday in Shanghai Securities News quoting an official from the country’s Ministry of Land and Resources, China could hold its third auction of shale gas assets to promote more participation by smaller, regional companies. Join in the 2nd China Shale Oil & Gas Forum (11-12 July, Beijing) and find out more information about the developing prospects of the auctin from Mr. Shujing Bao, Director of Oil and Gas Survey, China Geological Survey Center, Ministry of Land and Resources of China.  Register Now to secure a position as earlier than your competitors in China shale indsutry supply chain.

In addition, Mr. Tingchuan Tang, Director of Development Strategy, Policy Research Office, CNPC, comes on board to discuss the risk management on China shale oil and gas exploration and production, he will illustrate the risk anaylsis and how to manage the risks. He will also give you a explict ROI anaysis on shales and the roadmap for the commercializtion of China shale industry by presenting CNPC's on-time real  pilot projects development case studies. Also, Mr. Jin Shumao, Vice President of SPT Energy Group Inc, will give his unique insights on how to fulfill the standards and requirments of China shale oil and gas exploration and production to equipments and technologies, and how to form partnershps with China shale oil and gas majors. SPT Energy Group Inc.has won the bid to exclusively provide oil-based drilling fluid services in the two shale gas wells of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and had completed a staged fracturing service operation for PetroChina’s Third Shale Gas Well and had been successful in identifying reserve flows of industrial oil and gas.



What's New in 2013 Program?

Governemnt Keynote presentations enlighten you with:

  • Future trends that government and local authorities are taking to regulate and supervise shale projects in China
  • Updating regulations of Sino-foreign cooperative on shale's exploration and production
You will enjoy real time ongoing debate on:

  • The most acurate resource evaluation methods for Shale Oil & Gas reservoirs
  • What Business Modules Can Speed Up the Process of Commercially Viable Shale Gas Become A Reality In China?

Assessing development prospects of innovative technologies including:

  • A substitute for water - carbon dioxide fracturing and gas fracturing 
  • Cost cutting drilling technologies 

Worldwide pilot shale projects best practices and case studies including:

  • North American Shales: Reducing Costs and Increasing Production
  • Case Study and Real Practices of China Tongbai Shale Oil Exploration
  • CNOOC's successful experiences in Shale frontiers
20+ China shale gas majors will attend including:


CNOOC, Sinopec, CNPC, Shanxi Yanchang Petroleum(Group) Co., Ltd, PetroChina CBM Co., Ltd., SPT Energy Group Inc, etc. 

30+ Worldwide popular expert speakers including:

  • Yang Lei, Deputy Director, Oil and Gas Division , China Energy Bureau
  • Zhu Xingshan, Director of Strategic Planning Dep. China National Petroleum Corporation
  • Jingming Li, Chief Geologist, Petrochina Coalbed Methane CO.,LTD
  • Qiliang Bo, Vice President of CNPC, General Manager of PetroChina International Ltd. General Manager of China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation
  • Guihua Chen, Director of Shale Gas Research Lab, CNOOC Research Institute
  • Shujing Bao, Deputy Manager Unconventional Gas Department, Exploration & Development Research Institute, Sinopec
  • Mark Zoback, Academician, U.S. National Academy of Engineering
  • Shunde Yu, President, Henan Province Coal Seam Gas Development & Utilization CO., LTD
  • Yuzhu Kang,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering/ petroleum geological expert Deputy Director of Sinopec Western Frontier Exploration Headquarters
  • Shimeng Liao, Vice President, Shale Gas Exploration Petrochina Southwest Oil&Gas Field Company
  • Chris Faulkner, CEO, Breitling Oil & Gas
  • Shumao Jin, Vice President, SPT Energy Group Inc.
  • Xiangzeng Wang, Chief Geologist, Shanxi Yanchang Petroleum(Group) Co., Ltd


Do you have advancd and innovative products and service to help Shale plays exploraton and production?  We have tailored sponsorship and exhibition opportunites for you to demonstrate your industry knowhow and your intelligence.    

For more information about the agenda, speaker and sponship opportunities please Dowload the Event Brochure. or please contact Michelle Yang at Tel:+86 21 2230 6716 Fax:+86 21 2230 6717 Email:

The organizing committee of "The 2nd China Shale Oil and Gas Forum" are looking forward to meet you in July Beijing!
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