China IoE Electric Vehicle Project Starting Disrupt Traditional Chargingl Model

Since The State Grid of China has decided to open China EV charging infrastructure market, and allowed private-owned company to capitalized in that lucrative market, who will cut the cake from The State Grid of China
remain discussion, and innovative busienss models and technologies, such as. IoE energy delivery models and Electric vehicle swarm intelligent charging system has emerged in endless stream.

The Energy Internet Electric Vehicle Project has started recently in China. The starter and organizer of the project include: LUPA,
USA University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration China energy Internet Strategy Research Group. Prof. Song CI will be the leader of this project. Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician Guangnan Ni will be the  Special Advisor. Tsinghua University and Guangzhou Automobile Group will involved in the implementation.

Internet of Energy technology is the third pillar of the foundation of the Third industrial revolution; To achieve green energy and energy efficient, will fundamentally change the dependence on traditional energy use patterns, and promote to restructure traditional industries into emerging industry based on renewable energy and information network infrastructure.

The China Internet of Energy Electric Vehicle Project will disruptively change traditional charging and swap model by using new energy logistic models, that will overcome the burdens of high cost, “range anxiety”, low charging efficiency etc. and will enhance the driving experience to promote massive adoption of EV in China fundamentally. Doubtful? Unbelievable? Will the China Internet of Energy Electric Vehicle Project subvert the traditional thinking of EV charging business models?
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Conference Chairman

Professor C.C. Chan,Honorary Professor of University of Hong Kong; Senior Fellow of Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Germany;Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering U.K.;Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Founding President of World Electric Vehicle Association & Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific; Founding Director of International Research Center for Electric Vehicles

"I am pleased to write this greeting message and wish the 3rd Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Development Summit every success! I have been engaging in the research and development of electric vehicles for almost four decades and witnessed it’s up and down. I am very happy to share my feeling that we are seeing the dawn of the commercialization of electric vehicles. The success of commercialization of electric vehicles depends on the satisfactory tackling of four factors: initial cost, convenience of use, energy consumption and exhaust emission. Therefore, we need to pay further efforts towards the following three fundamental enablers or three goodness factors: 1. Availability of good performance products at affordable cost; 2. Availability of good infrastructures that is efficient and friendly to use; and 3. Availability of good business model to leverage the cost of batteries. This summit provide a platform to exchange ideas and experience and hence to promote the rapid development of Electric Vehicles Infrastructure."



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