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Your Ultimate Custom Facebook Tab Page Solution - Reasonable FanClub

Add FanClub to your Facebook fan page today

• Create a Custom HTML Tab page for your Facebook business fan page in minutes.
• Enhance your Facebook business fan page for better performance.
• Publish custom tab page instantly to attract more visitors to click "Like" button!
• Capture fan's email address and profile information for conducting email marketing compaign.

1. Add FanClub to Your Fan Page

Quickly search "Reasonable FanClub" in Facebook search bar and add it to your FB fan page. Adding this free Facebook app will let it pull your page's profile info, photos, friends' info, and other content that it requires to work. It will also add a box to your page and can publish Feed stories about your page.

2. Create A Custom Tab with FanClub

Create your unique Facebook fan page tab using FanClub's online WYSIWYG HTML editor. This cross-browser visual editor has greater number of editing features that allow you to manage your facebook contents with stylish text, images and extra media, including documents, flash & video effortless and quickly.

3. Publish Custom Tab Instantly

Simply click "Save" to publish your new fan page tab to show off your business's unique look to fans and non-fans. Once the new visitor clicks “Like” in your custom tab, he/she will be able to see different contents. Besides, your fan's email address and profile will be stored into your Spread account automatically!

A free Facebook app to help you create HTML custom tab pages for Facebook fanpage and grab fan's email address and profile information. Over 6,000 monthly users!
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Need help to spice up your business Facebook fan page tab? Our professionals are ready to help you out. Please ask for quote!
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