Latest Developments on International Taxation, Technology and Management Consulting and Hong Kong Capital Market

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RSM Hong Kong is pleased to host 2017 RSM Academy Workshop which will be held on the following dates:


(4 CPD Points)

International Taxation

Hong Kong Taxation

3 November 2017 (Friday) 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

International Taxation

(A)     Recent development on international taxation in digital economy

Ÿ   BEPS Action Plan

Ÿ   Diverted Profits Tax

Ÿ   Sales Tax Measures

Ÿ   Location of IPs and Country-by-Country Reporting (“CbC”)

Ÿ   Initial Coin Offerings

(B)     Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”)

CRS, developed by the OECD, is a global reporting standard for the automatic exchange of information (“AEOI”). Most Asian jurisdictions have committed to adopt CRS by 1 January 2017 and undertake the first exchange of information in 2018. This session provides an overview of CRS recent development.

Hong Kong Taxation

AEOI/CRS/CbC – background and regulations in Hong Kong


(4 CPD Points)

PRC Taxation

Technology and Management Consulting

 10 November 2017 (Friday) 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

PRC Taxation

How to cope with China tax enquiries and audits?

Ÿ   Why the tax bureaus find my enterprise?

Ÿ   How the tax bureaus find out underpaid taxes

-       International changes

-       Development in China

Ÿ   Tax non-compliance consequences – financial, legal and others

Ÿ   Highlight of some recent tax audit cases

Ÿ   Rights & obligations – Dos and DON’Ts

Ÿ   Approaches to “win-win” solutions

Ÿ   Cases (no-name basis) resolved with RSM team members

Ÿ   Proactive preventive measures

Technology and Management Consulting

(A)   Cyber security and data privacy

This session provides an overview of the current cyber security risk environment and explores areas that have potential direct impacts on your business.  We will also discuss some practical solutions that can help identify and address these risks.

(B)   Business intelligence

With pressure from competitors, increased regulation and costs and shrinking margin, businesses need to use “smart” tools to make informed decisions.  These “smart” tools help identify inefficiencies, create a competitive advantage and allow you to make wise decisions more quickly.


(4 CPD Points)


Transaction Support – SME Funding and Valuations of Startup

Establishment of internal Audit Function – Options, Steps and Strategies

HKFRS Updates

17 November 2017 (Friday) 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Transaction Support

(A)       SME government funding and other sources of funding

Ÿ   SME government funding in Hong Kong

Ÿ   Other sources of funding for SME in Hong Kong

Ÿ   How an accountant can assist SME in Hong Kong to obtain funding   

(B)       Valuations of startup entities

Ÿ   Characteristics of startup companies

Ÿ   Common measurement techniques

Ÿ   Common measurement matters and issues

Establishment of Internal Audit Function – Options, Steps and Strategies

Establishing a new internal audit function may be a challenge to many companies.  Significant time, effort and resources may be involved in establishing an in-house internal audit function, which also often faces challenges in maintaining its independence from the Company’s operations.  This seminar aims to explore the options, steps and strategies in establishing an internal audit function. 

In this seminar, the following topics will be covered:

Ÿ   Role of internal audit function

Ÿ   Requirements of internal audit function for Hong Kong listed companies

Ÿ   Internal audit function for private companies

Ÿ   Options, steps and strategies in establishing an internal audit function

Ÿ   In-house internal audit Function

Ÿ   Co-sourcing internal audit

Ÿ   Establishing of internal audit charter

Ÿ   Internal audit planning, execution and reporting

HKFRS Updates

New requirements for 2017 closing

Fees: HK$600 (one module) / HK$1,100 (two modules) / HK$1,600 (three modules)
(Group Discounts: 10% discount for three or more enrolments from the same company)

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We cordially invite you, your colleagues and clients who may be interested to enhance understanding of the latest issues in International Taxation, Technology and Management Consulting and Hong Kong Capital Market by highlighting changes compared with the old regulations and the latest practices.

Please complete the enrolment form attached and return by fax on 2598 7230 or email at before 27 October 2017 to confirm your attendance together with the number of seats required for your company.  Please arrange the payment reaching us before the event.

We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at the workshop.

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