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F12 The king of the stage soft screen
1. Flexible Vertical and Horizontal Curved Panel Installation
2. Thin and Light Weight Design - Ideal for Renting out for Stage Displays
3. Crystal Clear Pictures – Perfect for Photography and Video Recording
4. Simple and convenient maintenance, and Curved packaging which saves transportation
space and costs
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A3 LED Display - Thin、HD、Seamless
1. Thin and Light-Weight Panels, Crystal Clear Pictures
2. Different Pixel Pitches but Same Panel Dimensions Create Innovative Visual Effects
3. Die-cast Aluminum Casing, Flat Panels and Special Connector Design Helps Create a
Seamless Image Mosaic
4. Original Noise-Free Design and Low Power Consumption
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During the exhibition, all of our items are freight free and for sale.
Absen led rental display A3 shining in Qatar The Perfect LED Display Backdrop for the Arab League Summit
Product Model: Absen A3 by ZOOM & Absen
Screen Size: 82.5sqm The 24th Arab League Summit , it was a grand event which
Location: Qatar held in Qatar’s capital city Doha on 26th March,2013.
PALME Middle East 2013 -
The definitive showcase of the future of sound and light technologies
Visiting PALME 2013 will connect you with 100s of the leading brands from the professional
sound and light industry, giving you the opportunity to try out all of their latest cutting-edge
Absen Exhibition Preview:
Exhibition Name Exhibition Time Exhibition Address Booth No.
PALME MIDDLE EAST 21 - 23 MAY 2013 Dubai RG20
PALM EXPO CHINA 07 - 10 June 2013 Beijing W3C12
LED ASIA 09 - 12 June 2013 Guangzhou 2.1,B28
INFOCOMM 12 - 14 June 2013 Orlando 5271
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