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F12 The king of the stage soft screen
1. Flexible Vertical and Horizontal Curved Panel Installation
2. Thin and Light Weight Design - Ideal for Renting out for Stage Displays
3. Crystal Clear Pictures – Perfect for Photography and Video Recording
4. Simple and convenient maintenance, and Curved packaging which saves transportation
space and costs
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A Series - Die-casting Slim LED Display
1. Thin and Light-Weight Panels, Crystal Clear Pictures
2. Different Pixel Pitches but Same Panel Dimensions Create Innovative Visual Effects
3. Die-cast Aluminum Casing, Flat Panels and Special Connector Design Helps Create a
Seamless Image Mosaic
4. Original Noise-Free Design and Low Power Consumption
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 New Office Launch
Full-sized billboard(14ft x 48ft)
Ready-to-build commercial sign
Thousands of rental tiles
Effective communication
Experienced technical support
Demo&showroom open to you
Absen's led display in Revel Headquarter Nightclub Absen's led screen in Las Vegas Casino
Product Model: AI10 Product Model: AI06,K6
Screen Size: 95.96sqm Screen Size: 125sqm
Location: Revel Headquarter Nightclub,USA Location: Las Vegas Casino,USA
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