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Dear friends,
Thank you for your concern and support for Absen electronic company. In the past May and June, abseners went to Dubai,
Orlando, Beijing and Guangzhou, China to attend the Palme ME, Infocomm USA, Palm Expo Beijing and LED Asia. Maybe
you did not visit and communication with Abseners, but I hope you can get more information from this newsletter, and have
more understanding for Abseners & Absen products. If you have any questions, you can call us or send an email to us. Thank
you again and Absen forward to working with you, creating a better future!
12~14th, June, 2013, Orlando, USA
Absen Stand (5271) New products Launch (A5II, F12) Absen American Team
Abseners & Our Customer Las Vegas Casino (AI06, K6) Ford Innovation Forum (A5, A7)
Wichita of U.S. (A2088) 2012 NBA matches (A2088 FT)
Premiere of Hollywood "Oblivion" in Los Angeles (A5) Turkish Language Olympiad in NY, USA (M15, A3, A7)
21~23rd, May, 2013, Dubai, UAE
Absen Stand (RG20) New products Launch (A3, F12) Absen Middle East Team
Abseners & Our Customer Sofitel Hotel in Palm Jumeira (K6) Qatar (A3)
Iran (AI08) Doha United Nations Conference on Trade (AI06)
Dubai IMID medical conference (AI06) "Arab Idol - Top Ten Males" TV program (AI06)
7~10th, June, 2013, Beijing, China
Absen Stand (W3C12) New products Launch (A5II, F12 ,F20) Absen China Team
Abseners & Our Customer Lightened in Thailand (A1688) Kazakhstan's Police's Day (C55, A1088)
Taiwan (A1688) Taiwan (AI06)
9~12th, June, 2013, Guangzhou, China
Absen Stand (2.1, B28) Absen LED Tube Series Absen Lighting Team
Abseners & Our Customer Office LED Lighting system in Germany ESSO Gas station in Japan
Outdoor billboard in Uruguay Industrial lighting in Foshan
Industrial lighting in Huizhou Energy-saving programs in Huizhou Taxation Bureau
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