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Absen’s European Subsidiary Holds Customer Appreciation Day
 Absen GmbH
Absen Optoelectronic’s European
Subsidiary Located in Russelsheim
Frankfurt, Germany
Guests Having a Lively Discussion
before the Event
Relaxing Entertaining with Customers
during Absen’s European Subsidiary’s
Customer Appreciation Day
On 18th June Absen Optoelectronic’s European subsidiary held its first Customer
Appreciation Day at its Russelsheim office building in Frankfurt, Germany. This is
a significant event marking Absen’s success in localizing its products and services
for the European market. More than 100 guests including Absen’s customers, LED
industry representatives and friends from the media from various European
countries, joined the Customer Appreciation Day event. The European subsidiary’s
office has a total indoor area of 400 square meters, with facilities for offices,
conference rooms, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, training rooms and so forth.
During the event, Ms. Amy the Director of Absen Optoelectronic’s European branch,
shared Absen’s corporate culture, its core values, successful case studies, as well
as the status of the LED display industry in China, with the guests. She further
presented a detailed introduction on Absen’s organizational structure, market
positioning and service scope of its European subsidiary.
Following this all the guests were invited to visit the European branch’s showroom,
to experience the quality of Absen’s most popular LED products A1688, A1088 and
several others. Absen put special focus on its 2013 new product line, its indoor and
outdoor rental products, the A series with die-cast aluminum casing, and the F12/
F20 series flexible indoor stage screens.
Nearly 80% of Absen’s products are exported overseas, and the volume of exports
to Europe and other high-end markets is more than 50% of Absen’s total exports.
The essence of Internationalization is to ensure Localized services. Absen is
actively expanding its operations in the global market, and has successfully
established subsidiaries in Europe and North America, and has set up offices in
many countries. These efforts have ensured Absen can truly meet its goal of
“Rapid Response and Personalized Service”, creating tremendous value for its
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