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In the 2013 China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) recently held, Absen convened a press conference on its new brand image, which marks the official launch of its brand-new VI. The fashionable and elegant image of the VI has unfolded a new chapter for Absen's brand building, revealing its internationality.

Presence of old and new customers and media at the conference

Presence of old and new customers and media at the conference

Absen's LOGO begins with "A", which coincides with the first letter of Absen's Chinese name in pinyin, thus helping form associative memory in the viewer's mind.

As competition in the LED market becomes increasingly fierce, it's of vital importance for the development of an enterprise to shape a good corporate image. Absen's new brand orientation, " excellent corporation in LED applications", is embodied though excellent products, talents, services, marketing, manufacture and management.In the advanced manufacturing of LED applications, to meet the demand of customers all over the world, Absen provides superb products, careful and personalized service, and systematic, comprehensive and specific industry solutions through continuous R&D and innovations on the base of the latest advanced technology around the globe.

How can the corporate image match with customer demands? The precise core of the corporate image, namely "Corporate Visual Identity System" (short for VIS) is crucial. Absen's new VI chooses vibrant orange and mint green as its sub colors. According to Mr. Yang Qinkang's (VGM of Absen's Display Business Units) elaboration on the connotation of the new VI, orange represents liveliness and vitality and green indicates the environment-friendly and energy-saving attributes of the LED industry.

Auxiliary Graphic

Auxiliary Graphic: Representating Energy, Integration, Teamwork, Cohesion, Preciseness and Creation.

Mascot Bee

Mascot Bee: Representing Teamwork, Diligence and Dedication

As a whole, Absen's new VI is more personalized, fashionable and international with stronger visual identifiability, thus it can more precisely convey Absen's capacity in professional R&D, superb product quality and careful and personalized service, and better represent Absen's creativity in inheriting the old and welcoming the new, and its ambition in building itself into an international brand. Meanwhile, as the full visual reflection of Absen as a brand, the new VI meets with Absen's corporate orientation of "excellent corporation in LED applications".

Sources from insiders claimed that the disclosure of Absen's new corporate image has not only enriched the brand connotation and corporate culture, but also injected new vitality into Absen's strategic target of promoting the enterprise's new-round expansion in the global market. It is believed that the LED industry led by Absen will keep developing towards a healthier direction with higher quality and eventually earn made-in-China LED products great popularity all over the world.

Exhibition Preview New Product

Light Middle East

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