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New Absen Products in 2013 CIOE, Shenzhen, with New Exploration and Achievements in WFX Expo
VI stunning the sight in 2013
From September 4th to 7th, the 15th China International From October 2nd to 4th, the largest showcase of church-
Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) was held in Shenzhen... related products and services in the world -- WFX was...
 The Latest Exhibition Information of Absen in 2013:
Exhibition Name Exhibition Time Exhibition Address Booth No.
Live Design International 22 - 24 NOV 2013 Las Vegas, USA 352
Integrated Systems Europe 2014 4 - 6 FEB 2014 Amsterdam, Holland 11-M50
LED China 2014 23 - 26 FEB 2014 Guangzhou, China Hall 9.2,C32
Absen LED displays adding glamour to American entertainment
There are two relatively very colorful cities in U.S.A, namely, Atlantic City and Las Vegas. The
former, close to the big Atlantic Ocean, is the popular seaside resort at the southeastern part
of New Jersey, USA. The latter, situated at a big desert, is a big casino city.
“Joint Success”! The Open Day of Absen in 2013 held Successfully!
In September 9th, the first Open Day of Absen, with the purpose of “creating perfect value
chain, facilitating joint success”, was held in Absen’s headquarter Shenzhen.
To the 12 Years — Speech from Absen’s President Ding Yanhui at the 12th Anniversary
of the Company
I’m so glad that you look so joyful! Also, I am excited and moved! I want to hug you! I want to
hug every Absen man here. You’ve worked very hard, and I love you!
We Have Such Kind of Team —— Teamwork is the Most Precious Asset for us!
Usually, when you cannot experience in person or carry all the hardships with others, you cannot understand why a trivial-like
incident can fill the team members with tears. And whenever they are, when looking back to everything, they may feel grateful at
heart. If you cannot experience in person, you may be confused that everyday somewhere in the world, there are some ordinary but
uncommon people in Absen busy like bees doing teamwork in sound order, energetically with an ever-lasting fighting spirit. But
after you get a full knowledge about that, you will also have this kind of emotion and passion.
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