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Absen's LED Display, Visual Enjoyment at the Fingertips
On hearing the play of Richard Clayderman, those who love piano will unknowingly be brought into the cordial, serene and pleasant
music world. Listening to every touch of the key that spurs vigor and vitality, those who love Richard Clayderman unconsciously
weave in their mind dreams of their own. What Absen's LED display did was to directly visualize their dreams to make music more
than listening. The perfect combination of the melodious music and heart-striking pictures furnished by Absen at Richard
Clayderman's concert in Kuwait on Oct. 25th , 2013 presented to the audience a visual feast flowing at the fingertips.
The concert was held by the local rental giant in Kuwait and British Embassy in Kuwait in Regency Hotel with participants mostly
Kuwait politicians and embassy staff. To match such an occasion, Absen came up with its brand-new LED display A3 Pro. As the
indoor rental star products, A3 Pro reserves A3's lightweight, thinness,seamless stitching, convenient maintenance and portability,
and with the consistency of the entire screen and increased refresh rate, its pictures are more stable. The perfect presentation of its
screen displayed the melody at the fingertips just right. Its debut in the Middle East also won beyond all praises from the clients.
Just-right effect of display Pictures that blend into the scene Perfect screen presentation
New Product Release: A3 Pro New Product Release: U2
1. Thin & light weight panels easier maintenance 1. Exceptional Display Quality
2. Low grayscale consistency and brightness uniformity 2. User-Friendly Information Display Window
3. Replace modules, unnecessary to re-calibrate 3. Seamless Mosaic Technology
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