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A3 Pro Redefine Your Show
A3 Pro is a market-oriented LED display with small pixel pitch launched by Absen. Relying on the fine image quality and delicate
display, A3 Pro has swept across the whole stage equipment rental market since it was launched, and become one of the most
popular displays in the LED display market. In less than a year, the product quickly occupied the markets in United States, southern
Europe, Northwestern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States and Latin America, etc. The
number of its sales orders has exceeded 100, and the screen installation area has reached 2,500sqm, which shows evident
influence of A3 Pro on LED market.
As the upgraded version of A3, A3 Pro retains the features of A3, such as lightweight, thinness, seamless stitching, pre-maintenance
and convenience, and extends the consistency of the whole screen. Meanwhile, as for A3 Pro, the module maintenance and power
panel modularization has been optimized to create exquisite image, and ultimately turn A3 Pro into the new favorite on the LED
A3 Pro has adopted the Absen 2nd Generation Calibration Technology (A2C), a function that will meet the core demand of
international rental business and become a technical hot spot in this field in 2014. All the calibration data can be
simultaneously loaded into the receiving cards and modules, and the data does not need to be re-calibrated when
replacing the module or receiving card.
A3 Pro adopts the 16-bit gray-scale design, and the narrowest OE pulse width driving IC response is 20-50ns, which can achieve
delicate gray-scale control, coordinate with Absen IC-driving encoding scheme and produce more exquisite display effect.
A3 Pro has been widely used for indoor stage, TV studio, concert, theme parks and exhibitions that require high-definition display,
easy installation and dismantlement, presenting a fantastic stage to the world.
Moscow 2013 World Miss Universe contest Turkish Exporters Assembly in Istanbul
Location: Moscow, Russia Location: Istanbul
Screen Size: 150sqm Screen Size: 50sqm
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