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A3 PRO High Definition LED Display
• Absen 2nd Generation Calibration;
• Seamless mosaic with adjustable brightness and color
• Thin & light weight panels easier maintenance;
• Replace modules, unnecessary to re-calibrate;
C9 Indoor and Outdoor Mesh LED Display
• Auto-lock system makes faster installation and disassembling;
• Indoor and outdoor mesh( curtain) LED display;
F8 Flexible Screen for Creative Staging Rental
• Leading integration design;
• Thin and Transparent, Leading Technology in the Industry;
• Power and Data Redundancy;
• Installation in 3 seconds;
• Free curve and multiple applications;
A2 Ultra High Definition LED Display
• Extraordinary Display Performance;
• A3C (Absen 3rd Generation Technology makes cross rental
• Adjustable Connector Design Enables Seamless Connection;
• User-friendly information window;
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