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In the past one year or so, Absen’s U.S. and German subsidiaries have achieved
 Absen GmbH ACE
Absen’s German subsidiary carries
out "ACE Training Class" program
Absen’s German subsidiary carrying
out "ACE Training Class"
German trainees performing
practical operations
high earning levels in their operations. Since the subsidiaries’ were set up, in
addition to the basic functions such as selling products, after sale service,
showroom etc., also with LED display technology training, sharing and support
functions. Absen teams have implemented "Localized Service” incentives, which
is the key to the company’s success.
In June this year, the German subsidiary launched an innovative strategy once
again. They carried out a 2-day "ACE training" event, inviting engineers from many
European countries, held many training programs for "Control Systems
introduction", "Product Knowledge", "Product trouble shooting", and so on. The
attending engineers and trainers explored many questions and learned from
each other, creating a highly mutually beneficial atmosphere.
Through "ACE Training", The trainees obtained a thorough understanding of
Absen’s LED display, which would greatly help them for future product use. On the
other hand, Absen’s team also gained a good feedback of local demand for LED
displays in the European market.
"ACE Training" are a small component of Absen’s overall global localization
service strategy. Middle East, Asia and other regions, Europe 2nd ACE training
program are also planned this year. The foreign subsidiaries’ efforts in promoting
localized services, has further consolidated Absen’s global position.
 Absen USA ACE
Concerntrated engineers & Professional Speaker Hands-on course WOW, the champion!
 Absen China ACA
Training site On-site operation Graduation
A2 Ultra High Definition LED Display
• Extraordinary Display Performance;
• A3C (Absen 3rd Generation Technology makes cross rental
• Adjustable Connector Design Enables Seamless Connection;
• User-friendly information window;
A3 PRO High Definition LED Display
• Absen 2nd Generation Calibration;
• Seamless mosaic with adjustable brightness and color
• Thin & light weight panels easier maintenance;
• Replace modules, unnecessary to re-calibrate;
A3 Fiat Ducato Event in Turkey A3 Miss Turkey
Location: Turkey Location: Turkey
Screen Size: 80 sq.m Screen Size: 100 sq.m
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