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Learn all about our displays for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, in flexible and customisable formats,
ensuring projects shine out above the rest, that audiences always get the best view in the house and never miss a
piece of the action.”
Absen is delighted to invite you to our upcoming 2014 European Roadshow - a series of partner-LED events in major
cities in the UK,Spain and Germany throughout September, October and November.
"We look forward to welcoming you along to our 2014 European Roadshow. Our LED technology is truly unique and
we’re committed to increasing the value we provide customers through reliable, quality products with extraordinary
functionality and high efficiency. Come and see what all the excitement is about.”
—— Ruben Rengel (Deputy Managing Director, Absen Europe)
Get up close to our new 2.5mm and 3.9mm pixel pitch LED displays and explore the multitude of product features and
benefits for rental and fixed installations:
• High brightness and contrast • A seamless, uninterrupted image • High refresh rates
• Uniform colour representation • Fanless • 'Hot Swap' technology
• Designed for 24/7 usage • EU compliant  
A2 Ultra High Definition LED Display
• Extraordinary Display Performance;
• A3C (Absen 3rd Generation Technology makes cross rental
• Adjustable Connector Design Enables Seamless Connection;
• User-friendly information window;
A3 PRO High Definition LED Display
• Absen 2nd Generation Calibration;
• Seamless mosaic with adjustable brightness and color
• Thin & light weight panels easier maintenance;
• Replace modules, unnecessary to re-calibrate;
C7 Indoor and Outdoor Rental
• Auto-lock system makes faster installation and disassembling;
• Horizontal auto-magnet connectors, makes flexible muti-angle
• Light weight panel ( 9kg per panel, thickness is only 85mm);
• Flexible panel design, -10 degree to +10 degree angle.
F8 Flexible Screen for Creative Staging Rental
• Leading integration design;
• Thin and Transparent, Leading Technology in the Industry;
• Power and Data Redundancy;
• Installation in 3 seconds;
• Free curve and multiple applications;
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