March 2009

Letter From the Executive Director

Friends and Supporters,

Opening day of the new Austin Dog Alliance Training and Adoption center was a great success.

We had lots of visitors and everyone was excited about the center.  We generated interest in our adoption and foster programs which will allow us to help even more wonderful dogs. Many people signed up for group classes, supporting our rescue efforts AND getting their dogs some fun training. Everybody wins, especially the dogs!

Now that we are open, we need a sign for our building. Not only to let everyone know we are there (signs are the best form of advertising), but also to be in compliance with the lease and city regulations.

You can help by becoming a Charter Member with a donation of just $100. Charter Members will have their name (or business' name) proudly displayed on our Donor’s Plaque. We will hang the Donor's Plaque at our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, April 4. The plaque will remain prominently displayed in the center’s foyer.  Please click the link on the right to Donate Today!

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Letter From the Executive Director

Volunteer Spotlight
K9 Kids
Wish List

Our center's mission is as a training and adoption center and is here for everyone to use. To that end, we have training classes for everyone and all sorts of dog activities. Check out our K9 Kids series. It includes after school programs as well as a summer camp.  This month we are also hosting the Travis County Search and Rescue team with a seminar on March 3 and the wonderful canine massage therapist Christina Hardinger on March 28.  

As always, previous ADA adopters get a 25% discount off their first class.  And, if you’ve adopted from any other shelter or rescue group in the last 6 months, we’ll give you 10% off that first class.
To sign up for classes and check the schedule, click on the Group Classes link.

New in this newsletter, the Volunteer Spotlight. Each month, we are going to spotlight one of our many fabulous volunteers.  There are lots of you out there, so please, let us know the great work you are doing!

Together, we CAN make a difference.


Debi Krakar
Executive Director and Dog Trainer
Austin Dog Alliance


Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Daisy Smith, not just another pretty face, but a remarkable, loveable Bulldog who raises the spirits and brings comfort to everyone she meets.

Elizabeth Smith, Daisy’s human, filled us in on Daisy’s life, goals and aspirations.

"Daisy was born out of wedlock, with humble origins, but has managed to pull herself up by her love handles."

"A football injury, which resulted in a torn ACL, effectively sidelined her career with the NFL before it even began.  Although extensive rehab was unsuccessful and never fully restored her knee, it gave her the compassion and empathy to work with others going through rehab and difficult times."

"After her unsuccessful attempt to be a star linebacker, she turned her attention to other pursuits.  Joining many other stars, such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, Daisy is currently developing a celebrity line of jewelry (which you can see her modeling in the photo), clothing and fragrance. This budding fashionista sees her niche market being flattering fashions for the "big boned" girls. Her signature scent is bold, and sassy with floral overtones and is sure to make many tails wag. It reflects both her sense of style and her sense of humor."

"Daisy is an eight year old English Bulldog, a summa cum laude graduate, and a registered Delta Society dog, as well as being an AKC Canine Good Citizen. She is involved in a new program at The Center For Child Protection where she will assist children who are dealing with trauma. Her greatest ambition is to bring as many smiles as she can to whomever she is with. And through her involvement with Austin Dog Alliance and Delta Society she is being made aware of the many opportunities and varied avenues available to like-minded canines." 

K9 Kids After School and Summer Camp Programs

Need something to do after school? Starting to think about what summer camps the kids want to go to? Austin Dog Alliance can help! Our K9 Kids after school programs and summer camps offer something for everyone between the ages of 6 and 18. With us you get to spend time with your dog or just learning about dogs.
Check out our website for class times and to sign up. A sign language interpreter will be available for most of the summer camp sessions. 
K9 Kids Club - After School is designed for 4th and 5th graders who are dog enthusiasts.  There are 6 classes in the series, each with a different speaker and dog related topic.  They are held on Thursdays at 4pm starting March 26 and running until April 30. Kids only (no dogs).  This program is now in it's fourth year and will often sell out.  Register today if interested, space is very limited.
K9 Kids/Teen Dog Training - After School is for ages 11 and older. There are 6 classes in the series. They are held on Thursdays at 5:30pm starting March 26 and running until April 30. Kids need to bring their dog to every class. The class will teach basic skills like sit, down, leash walking and greetings.  Some advanced skills like tricks and jumps will also be taught. 
Paws for Alert - After School gives deaf children a chance to bridge the communication gap with their hearing peers in a structured, fun, extra-curricular activity.  Students pair up (deaf with hearing) and work on communication strategies with one another while training and learning about dogs. This class is held off-site.  Please contact the Paws for Alert Director, Carolyn@austindogalliance.com for more information. 
Tricks, Games and More - Summer Camp (people ages 9 – 12) – Bring your dog every day and learn dog tricks, agility, and rally. Play games, make crafts, go on field trips and learn a lot about dogs!

All About Dogs - Summer Camp (people ages 6 – 9) - Learn about dog breeds, taking care of your dog, and dog training. Meet search and rescue dogs, service dogs, and agility dogs. Bring your dog on Thursday.

Pet Therapy, Tricks and More - Summer Camp (people ages 12 – 18) – This is for all you young adults that want to pursue volunteer opportunities with your dog. You will teach your dog tricks, learn agility and advanced handling skills. Bring your dog every day!

Wish List

As you can imagine, the costs involved in opening a public Training and Adoption Center are extensive.  We are looking for corporate sponsorships and donations, big and small.  Every dollar will be put to good use.  Items on our wish list include: wheelchair, cane, walker, metal crates, laptop computer and office supplies.
Thank You from all of us at Austin Dog Alliance.
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