Extension of HOKLAS
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Chemlab HK Newsletter Highlight –
Extension of HOKLAS
Dear esteemed customers,
Chemlab HK (HOKLAS 242) is pleased to announce the extension of our HOKLAS certification to four new innovative testing techniques, effective from 26th Sept, 2016. Further details may be found at http://www.itc.gov.hk/en/quality/hkas/doc/scopes/242.pdf
Two of our four new accredited tests are a novel alternative to the traditionally popular Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes method with a significantly reduced turnaround time; conventional and older testing methods require 5-14 days, yet with our new internationally and locally accredited methods we are able to achieve a 5-day turnaround time. Test results and timing are generally faster and more efficiency than traditional methods.
We now also bring to you newly HOKLAS-accredited tests for Vibrio parahaemolyticus which presence predominantly in seafood. This complex test requires state-of-the-art facilities and experienced lab technicians; Chemlab is one of very few Hong Kong laboratories which offer this accredited test locally.
Should you be interested in the general hygiene of your food processing, we have also been accredited by HOKLAS for a bacterial Enterobacteriaceae hygiene indicator test; with these results, we will be able to interpret for you the overall hygiene of your food manufacturing system and provide you with suggestions and feedback from our industry experts, should issues be found.
Parameter Reference method Turnaround time (working days)
Salmonella spp. Preexisting methods FDA BAM Chapter 5, May 2014 6-10
Newly accredited AFNOR Certification # UNI
03/06 – 12/07
Listeria monocytogenes Preexisting methods FDA BAM Chapter 10, February 2013 5-14
Newly accredited AFNOR Certification # CHR
21/01 – 12/01
Vibrio parahaemolyticus
(Newly accredited)
ISO 21872-1:2007 5-7
(Newly accredited)
ISO 21528-2:2004 5
For further enquiry or to obtain a quotation, please feel free to contact us at 2606 7178 or
through may.leung@chemlab.hk.
and to get more information about food safety and our testing services.
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May Leung
Business Development and Quality Manager

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