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NoClone is 9 years old, is not powerful than ever with features like Smart Marker, Instant search result, Detect duplicate download, accelerated download. However, back to the basic, are they really true duplicate files? (As many other duplicate finder may report false duplicates.)

Why is NoClone a TRUE duplicate file finder?

NoClone uses True Byte-by-Byte Comparison that ensures the duplicate files uncovered are exactly the same in content.

Why is CRC or MD5 not reliable?

Comparing file content by CRC or MD5 is a common practice of uncovering duplicate files. However the collision rate of CRC is not satisfactory and recent research indicated that there is a  possibility (though small) of collision even for MD5 hashing. Below is an example from

Here are two files with same MD5 hash value (cdc47d670159eef60916ca03a9d4a007)*.

Windows version: hello.exe.  erase.exe.

Therefore, comparing exact content is the only way to ensure accurate result. Compared with finding duplicate by CRC or MD5 hash, NoClone uncovers duplicate with 100% accuracy.

Efficiency: NoClone v.s. MD5

Some may argue that Byte-by-Byte comparison is slow and not efficient. However NoClone optimized it to an efficient algorithm as good as MD5 hashing comparison.
Try the basic core feature (manual search): 
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!)
2. Run NoClone. Click Browse and then Click Add
3. Repeat step 2 to select additional folder(s) to search
4. Click big Search button
5. Review Files
6. Tag duplicates with time-saving Smart Marker
7. Recover disk space with SaveSpace (Delete) / Move / Copy
Note that Instant search result and detect duplicate download features are based on MD5! (NoClone indexes in background and instant result will show to you once result ready when you run NoClone.) 
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