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Simply refer your friends to NoClone. We will send our love in the form of a 33% off voucher (for Home ed. and 25% off for Enterprise ed.) to you and each of your friends.

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NoClone home ed.: $19.9 after discounted Original $29.9 Good until 31 March 2013
Pricing reduction for different countries: €12.5 / £12.5 or click here to check out local pricing
Download NoClone 2013 (v6.0.22) : Fixed registration bug.
  Why Reasonable NoClone 2013?  
Clean and tidy PC
Manage files more efficiently
Faster computer performance
Save time and money
Recover wasted disk space
Easy to use
  Increase free space by up to 50% by managing your duplicates! How to remove duplicates?  
  1. Download and install NoClone 2013 v6.0.22.
2. Run NoClone 2013
3. Choose Exact duplicate files (Duplicate folders included) / Similar images.
4. Click Search
5. Click Smart Marker to select duplicates
6. Click SaveSpace to remove duplicates
7. Upgrade to full version
Unique features for Home and Enterprise Ed.:
   Find and remove duplicate folders
   Find and remove similar image. Uncover duplicate images regardless of size, cropped´╝îmodified. Easy to find and manage the similar images.

find similar photos
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