NoClone 2010 beta!

It has been silent for NoClone for a year. Now, NoClone 2010 beta version (v4.2.3) was released. As 2010 is approaching, we named this version 2010 instead of 2009.
Nowadays, very often, files are copied to your USB thumb drive from your school or office back to home. When you finished or edited the documents, you forget the changes. You need to compare the changes and get most updated versions. This need applies to laptop and external hard drives. Many sychronization software does the job but it assumed same directory structure. This feature to compare directory/files was  added. Thanks for the input from viking3.
To download a trial version of NoClone 2010 beta, you must register as beta tester:
(By downloading, [EMAIL] will be registered as beta tester! This is beta software; use at your own risk!)
Latest public release - v4.1.45:
You buy lifetime license! 1-year Mainteance plan cover free upgrades released within one year from date of purchase.
Maintenance Plan is similar to software assurance, you can get upgrades to future NoClone major and minor version updates.
After the maintenance period, you will need to purchase for major upgrade of NoClone in the future. If you don't renew, you can still use old NoClone version but cannot enjoy new versions with features and bug fixes.
We only make latest version downloadable unless you buy installer CD when you buy NoClone license.
(Buy Now will include FREE UPGRADE to NoClone 2010!)
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