Some users use NoClone for e-Discovery in the area of digital forensics to find out what files copied from one computer to another suspect's computer. For reporting purpose, you can export search result from menu "Search session" then "Export".
Many users use NoClone to recover valuable disk space and avoid confusion when updating files among multiple copies. NoClone provides a number of removal options for you to handle the duplicate files. The most common options are: 
  • Delete permanently
    – Delete the file permanently from the hard disk. The deleted file is unrecoverable. Be cautious!
  • Move to recycle bin
    – Files can be recover from the recycle bin. This option is recommended to prevent accidental information loss.

If you are afraid you can't find the master copy but you can remember where the duplicate copy located, consider:

  • Replace by shortcut
    – You can leave a shortcut pointed to its master copy after the duplicate file is deleted.

Empty folders can be annoying resulted from deletion of duplicate files:

  • Remove empty directories after deleting
    – You can remove empty folders with this option.

If duplicate file removed, programs cannot access via the old path, this amazing and unique feature can help!

  • Replace by NTFS link
    – You can replace duplicate files by NTFS hard link, meaning that files are linked to the same source only and the rest are deleted, yet you could still access the file in the original place.
    – This option will free space without affecting the file structure visual to human.
    – FAQ: very often, we are asked why no disk space saved wtih "replace by NTFS hard link"? Because you need to compare the "free disk space" of the hard drive and other storage before and after this operation.

Moving or archival can be acted as backup purpose. And copy and move can be useful after comparing folders, Compare folders feature was introduced in NoClone 2010.

  • Copying or moving
    – You can copy or move selected files for further operation like verification or backup.
Recommendation: move files to a temporary folder or burn CDR/DVDR to archive files some time before deletion.
Save space with deletion related options
Warning: delete files at your own risk. Verify those files to be deleted carefully. We don’t bear any responsibility for any loss you make.
How to: to access those options, click menu SaveSpace.

Download a trial version of NoClone 2010:

Try NoClone. Free download v4.2.21
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!)
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Accumulative new features & bug fixes

New features:
  • Compare folders (regardless of folder structure)
Bug fixed:
  • Windows XP 64 bit detect edition problem; detect .net framework 2.0 problem
  • Define duplicates:
    • File name without extension changed to similar files, not custom
    • File size checked by default in exact duplicate file
  • Preview problem
  • Error report service
  • Removed MAPIPROPLib.dll (to find all Outlook emails)
  • Cannot bring confirmation no. to forefront when deleting >100 files
  • Fixed registration problem, HaveSentReg
  • Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at NoClone.SearchDB.AddMailItem.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact us or through live chat or seek support form new support forum.
NoClone team

You buy lifetime license with ONE-year Mainteance plan which covers free upgrades released within one year from date of purchase.
Maintenance Plan is similar to software assurance, you can get upgrades to future NoClone major and minor version updates.
After the maintenance period, you will need to purchase for major upgrade of NoClone in the future. If you don't renew, you can still use old NoClone version but cannot enjoy new versions with features and bug fixes.
We only make latest version downloadable unless you buy installer CD when you buy NoClone license. 
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