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 2014  How to Search by Images in your PC/server?

Where is my set of travel photos? Where is the full set of product photos? 
It's a tough work to find them out, because they are stored in different unknown places in your computer without any specific rule. Even worse, you may have a modified picture inside a memory card, and have no idea where it was from and where the original image is. This newsletter is to share with you how NoClone 2014 new feature offer a convenient and efficient way to find out similar images by using an image as a search.

1. You must have NoClone 2014 installed in order to get this new search by image feature. Download latest NoClone 2014 (v6.1.45) now
Start Reasonable NoClone 2014. In the Search tab, select Image, then click the check box beside Search by image.
In Search Location session, click on Choose to select a source image in your computer.
The image selected from the above step is displayed beside the buttons. Click on Browse and select a folder or disk, click Add to define the folders or disks you're going to search.
5. Click on Search button and wait for search result.
The interface switches to Result page as soon as the scanning finished. The program will display all similar images with folder path, file names, file size and date modified. 
7. Buy or upgrade to NoClone 2014 because free edition does not include this feature but home/enterprise edition. Trial of this feature is limited to 30 days only. 

Learn more about the great features in NoClone 214, visit home page.

Business application:
If you have a product database and would like us to offer a business on computer vision / image processing solution, please contact us below. We are open to listen your business needs for better future version with such powerful technology. 

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