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Halloween NoClone 2014 - No Trick, All Treat!

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Thanks to the long-term support of our users, we've received much good feedback and helpful suggestions of the latest NoClone 2014. Here comes the good news: Reasonable NoClone Offers Exclusive Bonus as Rewards Today! Click on the prize wheel above, try your luck! 

NoClone 2014 Desktop Official Release!

Reasonable NoClone 2014 Desktop v6.1.45 is Released! With the smart upgraded functions, this official stable version performs better on duplicates scanning and removing. It will be a great helper of your file works! 

* If you bought NoCone in last 12 months, please get updated code with your registered email Here under your 1-year maintenance plan

Brand New Interface
The new version is better designed with new fresh interface and touch-friendly layout and elements.

Search by Image
In the era of smart phone with camera feature and advanced digital camera, your PC will loaded with thousands of photos. You get a birthday party photo but want to find out others scattered around your Pictures/Downloads/Documents folders, this feature will save you time. For business users, if you have a database of product photos, but you want to locate other product shots, this is a good helper too. 
With the coming NoClone 2014 (desktop), you can find similar images on your PC, simply giving with a picture you have on your computer. 

 Search Similar Images in iPhone
 Search image in iPhone - Need to find out similar images in your iPhone? NoClone 2014 Desktop can search and save the similar pictures after connecting your iPhone with your PC´╝łdeleting is not supported currently).

Search Session

Search Session Load/Save feature is compatible with the new version. With this function, each search session can be saved and later loaded in NoClone. Data in search session includes path list, search parameters and results, can be saved for same searching next time.
More Stable
NoClone 2014 works more stable than the old versions, especially on searching large number (say 100000 or more) of pictures. If you were bothered by program stopping or error warning when searching numerous pictures, the new version will set you free from it. Version 2014 Desktop runs more smoothly on scanning large number of images.


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