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Prayaya V3 –Take Your Computer With You Everywhere


Prayaya V3 lets you take everything that you love about your PC and throw it onto a USB drive or any other removable storage device! With Prayaya V3, you'll be able to access your own apps, games, personalized settings, and bookmarks no matter where you go. Imagine sitting at a hotel lobby computer, or in the school library, or even at an Internet cafe in the middle of nowhere, but looking at your own wallpaper and desktop icons!


But that's only the beginning!


Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work or study while sitting at your computer? Spending a little too much time browsing? Or chatting on MSN? Or playing Spider Solitaire? With a Prayaya virtual operating system installed, you can easily create a distraction-free work environment for yourself. Install only the applications that are critical for your work or study, and create a pure, fast, undisturbed environment. Watch your productivity soar!

As if all of this weren't enough, Prayaya can also be a lifesaver! As we all know, computers (especially shared ones) often get... well... let's just say that the occasional OS reinstall is simply a fact of life. With a Prayaya virtual OS loaded on a USB drive though, you can keep all of you critical data and apps ready and available while you perform your maintenance. Imagine wiping your desktop, but simultaneously working off your laptop as though nothing had ever happened!

That's the power of Prayaya.

With no local installation necessary, Prayaya V3 is the perfect way to use your own PC settings in a secure manner. Everything's stored on the virtual OS, right on your portable device. Plug it in, and you've got your computer. Unplug it, and Prayaya V3 leaves no trace of your personal information on the host computer at all! Prayaya V3 is perfect for users who have to rely heavily on public computers to do their work!


Prayaya V3 lets you:

  • Avoid having to reinstall software after restoring or wiping the host system.
  • Protect the host system from Virus or Trojan attacks!
  • Work and game at the same time by switching between different operating interfaces.
  • Keep your data safe!
  • Use any portable removable storage device to simulate a virtual operating system.
  • Take your favorite programs, user settings, and bookmarks with you on the go!
  • Enjoy access to your PC no matter where you are - hotels, internet cafes, libraries and more.
  • Ensure that no trace of your computer's information is left on the host machine!



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I like the fact that it makes it easier to run programs off my USB flash drive. Besides, I'm not confined to just the programs of portable versions. I can install and run almost any windows standard program on it.

--by Christopher


Prayaya V3 is a brand new idea product in the market and you could not image how it work before you try it. Just download and have a try.

Free try 30 days here:


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For ALL Reasonable users, you could buy Prayaya V3 50% off with this coupon code PRAY-GOJ7, the special offer time will be expired on October 10th.

Regular Price: $49 USD

Discount Price: $24.50 USD

Buy Now!


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