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1. Unmanaged storage growth
You may not realize how many duplicate mp3s, photos, documents, video and other files downloaded from the internet, shared with your friends. So what? Hard drive is so cheap now, even 1TB cost not much just around US$100. However, the problem is the file size are bigger than before thanks to advancement in computational power. Music and photo can be magabytes, videos can be gigabytes. So you can store up to 1000 movies in 1TB hard drive. If you don't manage your files, you will end up in buying hard drives.

2. Cheaper than buying hard drives
NoClone is cheaper than buying new hard drives US$19.9 while discount vs US$100 1TB hard drive. In general, 20% are duplicate files in a hard drives.

3. No service downtime
Money is not an issue for you? You don't how to install a new hard drive? USB external is a good option for novice users but can be slower than connecting by SATA or SCSI. And your company won't allow service downtime of the servers to install hardware? Discover True duplicate files and recover disk space with NoClone, make no downtime! Discover duplicates and similar files in your file server, network shares in your coporate network now (download Home edition | Enterprise edition).

4. Reduce back up size
If 20% of back up files are duplicate and you need full backup daily due to compliance issue? You can save 1 backup tape from 5 tapes if you remove duplicates before backup.

5. Keep master copy, avoid sync problems
If different copies scattered around, you may edit one copy and edit another later. This leads to sync problems. Why not keeping one master copy to avoid confusions? One the other hand, in NoClone 2010, you can compare folders regardless folder structure to find out changed files.

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Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!)

So why NoClone vs other duplicate file finders?
1. Find true duplicate files
Comparing exact content is the way to ensure NoClone uncovers duplicate with 100% accuracy. By True Byte-to-Byte Comparison, NoClone finds out the TURE duplicate files which are exactly the same in content, instead of FALSE duplicate files. However the collision rate of CRC is not satisfactory and recent research indicated that there is a possibility of collision even for MD5 hashing. Below is an example from  http://www.mscs.dal.ca/~selinger/md5collision/ .  read more...
2. Time-saving Smart marker
After finding duplicate file, NoClone provides a tool called "Smart Marker" to help user to pick up duplicate files to be handled.
  • By Date: Mark older / newer files, very often you don't care older / newer files to mark but many duplicate files are of the same modified date, you may check "Don't leave any group be unmarked".
  • By Size: Mark larger/smaller file make sense to similar files only.
  • By Length of file name: you may mark longer file name e.g. "copy of project.doc"  
3. SaveSpace - flexible disk space recovery options
NoClone 2010 provides a number of operation for users to handle the duplicate files.
  • Deletion - User can choose to remove files to recycle bin or permanently delete all of them
  • Copying or moving - You can copy or move selected files for further operation like verification or backup.
  • Replace duplicate by NTFS links - Replace duplicate files by hard links. This will free disk space without affecting the visual file structure.
  • Replace duplicate by shortcuts - duplicate files will be replace by shartcuts.
  • Remove empty folders - Empty folders will be removed after file actions.

4. Duplicate email remover

Duplicate email may not contribute much in reserving disk space, however duplicate email is indeed a problem that messes your email box up. Moreover sometimes send and receive problem will generate extra copy of email in your mail box, which are annoying and time consuming to tidy up. read more...

5. Compare folders
Very often, you are interested in changed file, not just the duplicate files. For exmaple: when you copy your documents to a USB thumb drive / mobile hard drive, after editing, you are interested in what changed compared to your documents in your PC. read more...
6. Find duplicate mp3 by mp3 tags.
7. Find similar files given a percentage of similarity. read more...
8. Review options: picture preview, file properties etc.
Fall's Special (2 days left)!
Home ed. $29.9 $16.8  /  Enteprise ed. $79.9  $59.8 / Installer CD $14.9 $9.9
Renew /upgrade home ed.: $16.9 $9.8 (40% off)  ;  enterprise ed.: $59.9 $49.8(40% off)
Coupon code: FALL10  Good until  18 Oct 2010
Discount applies to PayPal, discount may vary for currency other than USD.
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