Christmas SALES
Home ed. $29.9 $14.9 (50% off) /  Enterprise ed. $79.9  $59.9 / Installer CD $14.9 $9.9
Renew /upgrade home ed.: $16.9 $9.9;  enterprise ed.: $59.9 $49.9
Coupon code: XMAS10  Good until 27 Dec 2010  
 (with free upgrades within one year maintenace plan)
Discount applies to PayPal, discount may vary if currency other than USD.
20% off applied if using ShareIt. 
New features in Reasonable NoClone & Toolbar 2011 beta:
  • Reasonable Toolbar with web search
  • Duplicate Download Reminder 
Web Search
Try holiday searches:
Duplicate Download Reminder
With Reasonable Toolbar for Internet Explorer, NoClone 2011 will notice you if you have duplicate file alreay downloaded. NoClone 2011 helps you stop downloading duplicates in the first place! 

NoClone knows if you have downloaded the same file before and shows where they are, if any. You may open folder containing duplicate to confirm and see if you want to continue the downloading process.
Do remember to enable Reasonable Toolbar if you can't find the toolbar:

Download Reasonable NoClone & Toolbar 2011 beta. (This is beta software, use at your own risk!)
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!

Download a trial version of NoClone 2010 (v4.2.27):

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