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       NOCLONE 2014

"Dear Dad,

Thank You for Everything You Did for Me. You've been working so hard for our families. Today I Got Something Nice to Help You Out.
Love You."

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27th, JUN.
NoClone 2014 
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NoClone  2014
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 Why NoClone 2014?
 "In our tests, NoClone did its job fairly quickly and let us search for duplicate files by specifying particular drives, folders, and file types." - CNET Download

"It takes less than 20 minutes to find out duplicate files and folders from a 25GB date folder." - TechSpot 
 New Feature
Touch-Friendly Interface

Touch-friendly label tab & simple search mode buttons.
Touch-friendly and visualized tool buttons on the left.

Search Similar Images by Image

With the coming NoClone 2014 (desktop), you can find similar images on your PC, simply giving with a picture you have on your computer. 

 Search Similar Images in iPhone

Search image in iPhone. Need to find out similar images in your iPhone? NoClone 2014 Desktop can search and save the similar pictures after connecting your iPhone with your PC (deleting is not supported currently).

More Stable

NoClone 2014 works more stable than the old versions, especially on searching large number (say 10000 or more) of pictures. If you were bothered by program stopping or error warning when searching numerous pictures, the new version will set you free from it. Version 2014 Desktop runs more smoothly on scanning large number of images.

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