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Reasonable NoClone & Toolbar 2011 


Are you still using NoClone free or  trial version to download files with 5 connections? Now, you can save as much as 20% off your upgrade to the full version, and enjoy download speeds up to 25 times faster theoretically. Act now to grab you copy quick since this special offer ends on 6 Mar 2012.
New Customer Existing Customer
New Customer Price: Home ed. $19.9 ; Enterprise ed. $49.9 Existing Customer Upgrade Price: Home ed.: $9.9 ; Enterprise ed.: $39.9
Home ed. Enterprise ed. Home ed. Enterprise ed.
$29.9 $23.9 $79.9 $63.9 $16.9 $13.9 $59.9 $47.9
Coupon code: FEBR12 Good until 6 Mar 2012
Discount applies to PayPal, discount may vary for currency other than USD.
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Experiencing Accelerated Download up to 25 times quicker

1. Download NoClone 2011 Home (v5.1.23) Or Enterprise | Download and share via Facebook
Compatible with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 (+64 bit!)

2. Run NoClone, click New Download form toolbar or download from IE or FireFox. NoClone will download with 5 connections:
download with 5 connections

3. After you upgrade, you can click Search Session > Language & Options, and set the no. of connection up to 25 from the popup NoClone option menu:
download with 25 connections

Download in seconds? NoClone 2011 prevents duplicate download!
 With Reasonable Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox, NoClone 2011 will notice you if you have duplicate file alreay downloaded. NoClone 2011 helps you stop downloading duplicates in the first place! 

Duplicate Download Reminder

NoClone knows if you have downloaded the same file before and shows where they are, if any. You may open folder containing duplicate to confirm and see if you want to continue the downloading process.

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