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Mobile Membership Card (e-Loyalty Programme)

Customers feel satisfied does not mean they will repurchase in you shop. You have to prepare a well-equipped system to foster long-term customer loyalty and repeat buyers. In other words, you need a high-quality e-loyalty program to retain your customers. 

Why customer retention is important? 

Optimizing the customer experience and listening to their needs leads to lifelong brand loyalty, as well as significant economic benefits. On average, attracting new customers costs five times more than to retain existing ones, plus up to 30 times the cost of marketing. However, just increasing customer retention by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95% !

You can now establish your own membership system through 
Spread e-Loyalty programme system! With points earning, coupon redemption and points transfer acitivities to attract customers become loyalty members, stimulate repurchase intentions and bring considerable revenue!

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Intra-Network SMS/MMS

1. Save inter-network cost
2. Increase SMS/MMS reach
3. Backup solution for promotional campaigns
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Email List Clean Up

Reasonable Spread makes use of big data to increase delivery rate, scan and clean up contact lists that contain too many spam trap subscribers, spam complaints too high or too many blacklist subscribers, bounce subscribers, spam reporters and unsubscribers.

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