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Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series
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You might not know Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series of storage advantages: More powerful, simpler, and more economical.
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Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series is a next-gen simple, fast and affordable storage array, purpose-built and optimized for accelerating SAN/DAS virtual workloads.
Why choose ME4 series storage?

In an entry-level product solution, we must face the following two problems:
1. If an Entry-level storage device enabling the Snapshot Function will affect storage system Normal operating performance.
2. Entry-level storage devices support a limited number of snapshots, even open snapshot function, but the time span is long.
ME4 Series of storage advantages are more powerful, simpler and more economical.
It has two main features: Free software & Direct connection.
ME4 takes ROW snapshot data protection, the impact on performance can be minimized.
At the same time, max support 1024 unit snapshots, efficiently shorten the RPO.
Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series of Products
ME4 Storages ME4 Expansion modules
Part no. ME4012 ME4024 ME4084 ME412 ME424 ME484
Configuration 1or2 controllers 1or2 controllers 2 controllers
2U12 Drive 2U24 Drive 5U84 Drive 2U12 Drive 2U24 Drive 5U84 Drive
Max original capacity 3.1PB 3.0PB 4PB
Min/max number of drives 6/264 6/276 28/336
Medium mixture(0-100% flash)
Protocol 8/16gb FC, 1/10GB iSCSI, 12GB SAS 12Gb SAS rear-end
Data protection Virtual copy, snapshot, asynchronous replication, SED
Performance Hierarchical, Read cache
Integration VMware Vcenter Plug-in, SRM Plug-in
Management ME Storage manager
Architecture Streamline resource allocation, Adjustment, Internal key manager (encryption)
2 Typical Solutions for Dell EMC PowerVault ME 4

Typical Solution 1: ME4 dual preheating program
ME4 constitutes a cost-effective dual-machine preheating solution by directly connecting 4 servers. Provide a highly reliable overall solution with improved performance and reasonable price.
Solution Composition:
2 sets PE Server and 1 set ME4 Storage connect directly,to be typical DAS.
● Channel dedicated configuration, easy to control the standard
● Realize the high availability of server applications
● Low cost, no need to buy storage switches
● Provide higher performance by configuring flash memory
● Server direct connection, strong alliance
Typical Solution 1: ME4 dual preheating program
Typical Solution 2: ME4 321 small and beautiful solution
What does 321 mean? 3 sets servers, 2 sets storage switches, 1 set ME4 storage. This solution's best advantage is good scalability.
More servers and storage can be expanded to provide a perfect overall solution for small and medium-sized companies.
Solution Composition:
3 sets servers, 2 sets storage switches, 1 set ME4 storage, to be Typical SAN storage architecture.
● Realize the high availability of multiple servers
● Still maintain high availability despite the switch failure
● Flexible extension storage or server
● ME4 provides higher performance by configuring flash memory
Typical Solution 2: ME4 321 small and beautiful solution
You can fill in the below form if have storage requirements, we will make configuration and quotation according to your requirements.
No. Items Question Answer QTY
1 Controller Interface SAS or iSCSI or FC?
2 Hard Drive Capacity
SATA, SAS, or others
If HDD, RPM 10K or 15K?
3 Budget
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