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The high data rate and broadband demands of wireless and wired-line networks have rapidly increased in recent years. Fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) systems are promising candidates in wireless and wired-line access networks, respectively. The high cost of separated wireless and wired-line access networks necessitates the integration of the two distributed networks into a single shared infrastructure.
Nice to share two actual cases for optical networks, if you are working on this kind project recently, maybe these two cases will give you some inspiration.
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Case Study 1: Huawei MA5800-X7 FTTB Solution

Background of Project:
It's a typical FTTB (Fiber to the Building) project of a hotel building. There are around 1000 rooms. After checking the splitter ratio with the project holder, as the hotel owner wants to confirm the hotel guests' experience, so they would like to speed up the network, and the final splitter ratio confirmed as 1:16.
Based on this we suggest them the most economical solutions as below configurations:
Part Number Specifications Qty
MA5800-X7 Chassis include fan
H901PILA Connect Power Board
H901MPLA Main Processing Board MPLA
H901GPHF 16-port Advanced GPON OLT Interface Board(with C+ SFP PON module)
ETP4890-A2 Embedded Power
R4830G R4830G
EG6145A5 1POTS+1GE/FE+3FE+2.4GWiFi+1USB 300 
EG8145V5 1POTS + 4GE + 2.4G/5G WiFi+ 1USB 600 
Problems During the Project:
In the beginning, the project holder ordered 300units ONT (EG6145A5) as the first lot to check the configuration and quality, after testing the first lot, 3 months passed, and when the second lot order confirmed, the model EG6145A5 end of manufacture, so changed to model EG8145V5, and the budget increased from 70,000USD to 90,000USD.
Case Study 2: ZTE ZXA10 C600 FTTH Solution

Background of Project:
This is an FTTH (Fiber to the Home) project, there are two Communities, for now, each with around 1000 end users, and in the future, the end-user volume may expand, so we suggest ZTE ZXA10 C600 and ZTE ZXA10 C300 as customer requests ZTE brand.
Also as some of the end-users are farmers which have long distances to the OLT, so they choose C++ SFP optical modules, the budget for the first community is around 45,000USD while the second is around 70,000USD.
First Community:
Part No. Item Description Qty
ZTE ZXA10 C600 Large Capacity Optical Access Equipment(include 10GE uplink port):
● State-of-the-art architecture meets future requirements
● The largest capacity meets multiple services access
● SDN ready, AO/CO re-architecture oriented
● Supports Combo PON, industry's first 3-in-1 combination
Fan Fan
Main Control board SFUL
Power boards PWR
GFGN 16port GPON service card(Full configure with 16 GPON class C++ SFP module)
ZTE F660 V8 with antenna 5 dbi 500 
Second Community:
Part No. Item Description Qty
ZTE ZXA10 C300 OLT platform Subframe ZXA10 C300:
● Multiple access modes and coexistence different generations of PON technologies ensure sustainable network evolution
● A mature commercial 10G PON platform that meets large-scale deployment requirements in the 10G PON era
● Industry's first innovative Combo PON solution that significantly reduces the difficulty and cost of upgrading from GPON to 10G PON
●  Fast service provisioning through “zero” data planning and “zero” manual configuration
Power Card Power Supply
Control Card SCXN Control Card
Uplink Card Uplink Card
Upstream Module 1sfp 10GE MM SR DDM
Upstream Module 1sfp 10GE SM WDM 10KM DDM
Service Card 16PON GTGH
GPON C++ SFP Optical Module GPON C++ SFP Optical Module 64 
ZTE F660 V8 with antenna 5 dbi US Plug 1000 
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