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Cisco official GPL has risen
Nice day.
Glad to share the New Arrival of Cisco product with you. Under the situation of a global shortage, as well a new round of price increases for Cisco, Router-Switch, did try best to prepare the bulk of products and hope it can help our customers to save more money by this way.
▘Why? The Main Reasons for Change
The chip has fallen into a complicated infinite loop
The more it rises, the more it loses, and the more it lacks, the more it rises. In the context of the complexity of the market environment and the deterioration of the supply chain ecology, the demand for core components has been amplified.
Roasted seeds while raising prices
The large increase and the rapid increase have changed the normal 10-20% increase of other devices in the semiconductor industry in the past, but a few hundred percent increases.
Long-term out of stock
The out-of-stocks lasted much longer than the initial time, and as of now, there is no sign of any relief. For example, there is a Cisco-certified factory that produces switches. Since September last year, it has lacked a chip. This chip is actually not lacking. The supplier of the chip is a second-tier brand in Taiwan. Because it was certified by Cisco, it cost US$220,000 from the establishment of the project to the end of the certification. This is a high-value, long-life product. However, starting from September last year, the information received from the original factory for this material was: "Delivery time of 12 weeks", "Delivery time of 24 weeks", "Delivery time of 36 weeks", "No delivery time yet".
▘What Does the Future Hold?
There is no answer, but we advise you to get ahead of upcoming purchases to minimize the impact of price increases, and the long lead times. And you shouldn't miss these new arrival products, just get it!
Cisco New Arrivals
Category Part Number Qty Unit Price(US)
Cisco Switches C9300-24S-E 11 $10,114.00
C9300-48S-A 6 $11,974.00
C9300-48S-E 4 $11,974.00
C9300-48U-A 5 $5,428.00
C9300-48U-E 20 $5,428.00
C9300L-24T-4G-E 6 $2,752.00
C9300-24P-A 3 $2,498.00
C9300L-24P-4G-E 6 $3,083.00
C9300-48T-E 4 $2,909.00
C9300-24T-E 4 $1,930.00
C9200L-24P-4X-E 4 $2,815.00
C9200-24T-E 3 $1,499.00
C9200L-48T-4X-E 4 $2,414.00
C9200L-24P-4G-E 50 $1,437.00
C9200L-48T-4G-E 4 $2,343.00
C9200-24P-E 6 $1,360.00
C1000-24T-4G-L 5 $641.00
C1000-24P-4X-L 7 $1,120.00
N9K-C93108TC-EX 10 $12,140.00
IE-4000-4T4P4G-E 5 $2,580.00
IE-2000-4TS-B 8 $646.00
WS-C3560CX-12PC-S 2 $1,589.00
Cisco Routers C931-4P 10 $848.00
ISR4331/K9 6 $1,504.00
ISR4451-X-VSEC/K9 5 $14,584.00
Cisco Wireless C9120AXI-E 5 $911.00
Cisco Accessories SFP-10G-SR 30 $152.00
C9300-NM-8X 10 $884.00
C9300-NM-2Y 5 $1,297.00
C9500-NM-2Q= 10 $1,471.00
C9500-NM-8X= 20 $1,059.00
IEM-3400-8P= 3 $3,347.00
C9500-4PT-KIT= 20 $122.00
C9K-PWR-650WAC-R 5 $1,124.00
PWR-C1-350WAC 5 $239.00
Flash Deals and Clearance 2021
Cisco Price Update
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