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We know the banking and finance industry continues to evolve, with constantly changing threats.
As the leading network hardware supplier, Router-switch.com strives to provide branded products and offer Networking, Computing, Storage, Security, Video Surveillance, 5G/IoT customized Solutions.
Our portfolio of IP cameras, NVR, video intercom and access control systems can help you build a smart end-to-end video surveillance solution for your business. Here we’d like to share the Bank Video Surveillance Solution with you.
Solution Background
In today's environment, Bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits making loans. There are various important facilities in the bank, such as ATMs and coffers, and the bank would receive a large number of people every day.
Hence, a complete and comprehensive bank video surveillance solution should take these into consideration. It should cover all critical areas without any blind spot and realize unified management at headquarters.
● Safety issues, such as robbery, burglary and malicious vandalism
● Operation issues, such as transaction dispute, poor customer experience and staff arrangement
● Cyber security issues, lack of cost-effective and safe video transmission from branch to headquarters
● Require unified management of bank headquarters
Solution Overview
  Outdoor Outdoor
Solution Values
● Multi-lens with 180-degree panoramic view
● No loss under no lux, outstanding visibility under the starlights.
● 4K real time monitoring, excellent image performance
  Entrance Entrance
Solution Values
● Advanced cameras provide People Counting functionality which counts foot traffic at store entrances and can export daily/monthly/yearly reports.
● Clearly monitoring entrances at all the times.
  Lobby Lobby
Solution Values
● Smart IR function can balance the luminance level between distant and nearby objects.
● Providing consistently clear image of moving objects under low light scenes.
  Cash Transaction Area Cash Transaction Area
Solution Values
● 1+1 panic button
● Close-up face images captured by picture in picture function
  Security Center Security Center
Solution Values
● Embedded NVR 4 channels to 256 channels
● Secure Network Data Storage
● Abundant 4k resolution decoders
● Standalone monitors to large TV walls
  ATM Area ATM Area
Solution Values
● Intelligent face analysis, send automatic alarms if detect exceptional phenomenon.
● Anti-skimming, recognize ATM-skimming and detention time of the customer.
System Topology
System Topology
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