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Upgrading Your IT Equipment to Boost Productivity
Technology is rapidly changing. At some point, your ICT equipment will no longer meet the needs of your business.
There are several challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face when it becomes time to think about repairing or upgrading equipment.
When is the right time to upgrade? And what needs to consider when upgrading old ICT equipment?
To help you decide, here are suggestions on when and how to upgrade.
Technology is developing with each passing day
In the MWC 2022, Qualcomm announced the FastConnect 7800 Wi-Fi chips that support the up-and-coming Wi-Fi 7 standard, as well as its fifth generation 5G modem the X70.
Yes, Wi-Fi 7. Wi-Fi 6 has only started to grow in the market in the past two years, but in fact, in addition to routers and mobile phones , most terminal devices are not equipped with Wi-Fi 6.
The Wi-Fi 7 appears now, should users follow this innovative technology?
Technology is developing with each passing day
IT products will upgrade with new technology
Each product has certain performance parameters, especially for industrial products. When customers buy products, they will discover that the quality of such products produced by various companies is uneven. This shows that although they are the same, their performance is still different, and there are high and low points.
With the improvement of the manufacturing level of the enterprise, the product performance of low-quality products continues to enhance, which is the so-called product iteration.
In the final analysis, the product iteration mainly has the following reasons:
  • Product life cycle: Each product is under a definite life cycle, and the life cycle of products in different industries is different. For example, the life cycle of electronic products is about one year. In such an industry, the original products are iterated every year, and new and higher-performance products are initiated.
  • Product cost performance: With the improvement of people's demand level, the cost performance of products is also constantly improving. In order to survive, enterprises will also cater to this market development trend and continuously improve the cost performance of products.
  • Improvement of technical level: The technical level of different industries is also constantly improving. If an enterprise wants to occupy the market, it needs to have a strong product development technology.
ICT manufacturers also released new products frequently
  • Cisco released its new technology in February, 2022, including the industry's first high-end Wi-Fi 6E access points, private 5G for the enterprise as a managed service, and new high-powered Catalyst 9000X series switches with Cisco Silicon One.
  • In February, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled a new private 5G offering that supports a range of deployment types based on customer needs.
  • Dell also released its newest entry-level block-storage array, the PowerVault ME5 series, aimed at price-sensitive customers with a focus on ease of deployment and affordability. The array's predecessor, the PowerVault ME4, was released in 2018.
New ICT devices are released every year, should enterprises follow this tendency?
The necessity of upgrading ICT devices
As talking above, there are many new products every year. Should enterprises upgrade devices every year?
There are 3 necessities of upgrading:
  • Some ICT manufacturers will launch a new management system, which is equipped in their new products, but the old products cannot get services from the new system.
    For example, Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network controller and management dashboard that lets you take charge of your network. It is used in Cisco hot series, such as Catalyst 9300 switches , ISR 4430 routers , etc. However, the older Catalyst 2960 cannot use the DNA Advantage license to get DNA center services.
  • New products will be always equipped with new technologies, bringing more convenience to enterprise services within the same budget.
    For example, after the popularization of Wi-Fi 6, its deployment budget is not much changed from Wi-Fi 5.
  • Outdated products will wear out, resulting in reducing functional efficiency.
    For example, if the server has gone on for a long time, and the physical resources are not enough to support the operation, the speed of the server will be getting slower and slower.
5 tips for enterprises to upgrade ICT devices
As there are some necessities of upgrading, so how to analyze when and how? Router-switch.com , the 20-year ICT expert suggests:
  • Check devices all over the company office. Are they unusable?
    If they are unusable, calling technical experts to fix them is a good choice, but the principal should consider whether the maintenance cost exceeds the cost of replacing the new devices. If the maintenance cost is higher, replacing them may save more.
  • Can the new product improve working efficiency, by at least 20%?
    There are some customers who complain the new devices don't improve efficiency. It's because they may only trace the technology trend but haven't evaluated the necessity. Enterprise should evaluate if the new products improve at least 20% working efficiency when thinking to replace devices.
  • Does the new device bring you an "Aha" feeling?
    Does the new product bring you an "Aha" feeling and solve your long-standing problems? For example, consumers, like to buy the newest phone but those new phones don't improve much user experience. If the new device can't solve the enterprise real problem completely, it's not necessary to upgrade.
  • Is the project budget sufficient?
    First of all, the budget is an important thing, although the new devices can meet company needs, and old devices can't work anymore. If the budget is not enough, the enterprise can replace half of the new devices and continue to use half of the old devices.
  • Ask Experts for Help
    If you need help about update the product, you can find your trusted professional ICT product and service provider for advice.
How we can help
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For more advice on upgrading ICT equipment, Get in touch with us .
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