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How to Shorten Lead Times of ICT Products
Global supply chain issues have driven lead times of ICT products to become longer and longer, up to 300 days.
Why are ICT products' lead times so long? How do we respond to the delays?
Router-Switch.com is actively coping - a 20-year ICT hardware supplier - provides some viable options for you to mitigate the impact of long lead times.
Long Lead Time becomes Norm for ICT products
On April 12, according to the Taiwanese media "Economic Daily", the lead time of semiconductor packaging continued to be extended.
Sondrel, an IC design service consulting company, pointed out that due to the change in the order of production capacity in the semiconductor supply chain, and the need for new packaging capacity and personnel training, it will take time. Packaging lead times have been extended to 50 weeks.
Semiconductor Packaging lead time has dramatically increased
The lead time for key semiconductor manufacturing equipment has been extended to 18 months and beyond, threatening the capacity expansion plans of device manufacturers, reports the Nikkei.
The report mentioned that most parts and materials are in short supply, including lenses, valves and pumps, microcontrollers, engineering plastics and electronic modules, etc.
At the same time, demand for chip machines is surging. The delays come as the semiconductor industry embarks on a massive expansion drive to remedy the chip shortage that has hit a wide range of industries. Which has sparked a sense of crisis among chipmakers and equipment suppliers alike. Even mighty Apple has been affected.
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment lead time extended again
Also, according to Cisco's suppliers, the delivery period for ordering Cisco products is also getting longer and longer. For example, it is said that the longest delivery period for the hottest product series, the Cisco Catalyst 9200L switches can exceed 300 days, which is close to 40 weeks.
An announcement from Cisco said, "Material shortages across the semiconductor industry as well as logistics challenges continue to impact supply chains globally, slowing output across multiple industries from automotive to consumer electronics and beyond. This has resulted in extended lead times across almost all of our products and extended delivery dates."
According to Fortinet news, their Fortigate firewalls series lead times will extend. The following are approximate availability ranges for Fortinet's various product groups:
  • High-end (FG-xxxx): 15-60 days
  • Mid-range (FG-xxx): 15-60 days
  • Low-end (FG-xx): 15-90 days
  • FortiAP: 15-180 days
Why are Lead Times So Long?
COVID-19 may be the reason causes the long lead times in many customers' eyes. However, COVID-19 is only a fuse to some problems.
  • Chip Shortage
    Friends who often read international news know that the global chip is in short supply, and there are many application fields of chips, such as mobile phones, computers, automobiles, electric vehicles and so on. The so-called "chip shortage" does not refer to low-end chips. There are many countries in the world that can manufacture low-end chips by themselves, but the real shortage is high-end chips, such as 14nm, 7nm, 5nm, etc. Even the famous Huawei Kirin chips, have 5nm design capabilities, but cannot produce such chips. Therefore, ICT products that are high-tech will be forced to reduce the production speed due to the shortage of chips and the ensuing shortage of materials, which will eventually lead to prolonged delivery.
  • In Short Supply
    The epidemic has caused most people in the world to not go out and work as usual, and can only stay at home to avoid the virus, which has increased people's demand for information equipment and carriers, resulting in a shortage of related products.
  • Few Skilled Workers
    In the same way, because of the ravages of COVID-19, the staff of most manufacturers is forced to stay at home most of the time, unable to carry out efficient work. Coupled with the aging problem in developed countries, the average age of skilled workers is over 50 years old, and the older age leads to slower production efficiency. Of course, most ICT product manufacturers choose to set up their factories in underdeveloped countries, but underdeveloped countries have poor medical resources, and the impact of COVID-19 is more severe in these countries.
  • Difficulty in Transportation
    Not all countries are taking open measures to coexist with the COVID-19 virus. Some countries will take strict entry and exit measures, resulting in very slow transportation of products. For example, the severe epidemic in some countries will limit the frequency of air transportation, resulting in many goods needing to be transported by sea, and sea transportation, as we all know, is very slow. This further lengthens the lead times of the product.
3 Suggestions to Shorten Long Lead Times
Supply chain delays cause long lead times for ICT equipment. Here are 3 suggestions that can help you mitigate the impact of delays:
  • Plan ahead for the new project, at least one year
    If you are an integrator or end-user, you need to build a new network system, or you are going to bid on a project, please communicate the requirements with your suppliers as early as possible.
    For example, if you plan to build a data center next year, please find suppliers to provide related products in the first half of this year. Don't wait until the project is about to start before you ask for a purchase. After all, none of the four reasons for the long lead times can go away in a few years.
    If you have planned your projects in advance, at least one year, the lead times will seem to be shorter than you think.
  • Buy small quantities and multiple times, from multiple suppliers
    Depending on your project needs, a "patchwork" approach is recommended.
    For example, to build a data center, if you want to get products right now, you can buy servers from supplier A, network products from supplier B, and cables from supplier C.
    Moreover, you can purchase devices in several batches, just keep sharing inventory information with your suppliers.
  • Buy common and basic equipment
    It recommends purchasing common, basic equipment. In order to provide a good customer experience and their own income, manufacturers will not sit idly by the problem of excessively long delivery. They will devote resources to improving the efficiency of the production infrastructure to try to meet general demand.
    Therefore, for more partial products, you can suspend the demand now, and go to buy common basic equipment first!
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What we can do?
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