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政府資助計劃講座: 企業資源規劃方案篇
仍未申請的企業,歡迎參加ACW Distribution 及 ACW Solutions 合辦之《政府資助計劃講座: 企業資源規劃方案篇》,進一步了解申請「科技券計劃」之詳情及技巧,及如何透過資助項目之一的「企業資源規劃方案」加上「柯達掃描器技術」,將文件數碼化及簡化業務流程!
日期: 2018年1月5日 (星期五)
時間: 14:00-17:00
地點: 香港北角英皇道510號港運大廈16樓 (港鐵北角站B3出口) [地圖])
語言: 粵語
費用: 全免 (成功預留座位者將收到電郵確認信)
• 申請資格
• 申請程序
• 成功個案分享
政府資助項目: 企業資源規劃方案
• 結合「柯達掃描器技術」與 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 簡化業務流程
如有任何查詢,請致電 3111 2956或電郵至 promotion@acw-group.com.hk 與我們聯絡。
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We reserve the right to refuse registration for the event or program to any applicant or participant at any time in our sole discretion. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse attendance to any individual(s) determined to be disruptive or instigating a negative or inappropriate presence or who is determined to disrupt the sharing of information in the most effective event environment. All ACW Solutions company policy published applied here and thereafter. All participants must be at least 18 years of age as of event happenings. Sales or marketing, or consultants from non-sponsoring organizations or partner resellers are prohibited.
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