Insight Selling: How to Customise Your Message and Assert Influence Over Your Customers
(Chinese session)
半天培训: 《见解式销售:如何定制沟通信 息并掌控全局》


with Directions Consulting, Apr 26 2017 from 14:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs.


The role of the sales rep is shifting from transactional reps who present information, to Challenger reps who teach customers how to improve their businesses. Differentiation on features and benefits no longer works.
当前销售人员的角色已经从仅仅提供信息的然后进行交易,进而转向向引导客户如何改进其业务的挑战者销售方式。 功能和效益的差异不再有效。

Why?  为什么呢?

Customers believe your brand and products are good – but, the problem is that they also believe your competitors’ brand and products are good too. This is no longer a game of what you sell, it truly has become a game of how you sell and the insight delivered in that sales experience.
尽管客户认为您的品牌和产品是优秀的。但问题是他们同时也相信您的竞争对手的品牌和产品也 都是优秀的。 这不再是仅靠您销售技能的熟练度,而是考验您的销售方式,以及销售过程中的洞察力,方可获得成效的时代了。


  • Communicating to address a sense of urgency and business acumen
    • The ever-changing customer world and sales experience
    • Insight into the impact of sales
    • What is the right sense of urgency?
    • Observe and create a sense of urgency
    • Communicate customers via commercial information
  • Customize your message and control the sales situation
    • Customize communication information for customers
    • Customize your message with the customer's role
    • Control the overall goal
    • Analysis of the sales process and use the momentum to advance the sale
    • Insight into the sales errors
    • Continuously cultivate insight selling skills

For whom?

Anyone who:
所有 遇到以下状况的人们:

  • Need to deal with customers who say, "we already have something similar, and are very happy"
    需要面对客户反馈:“我们已经有类似产品,而且非常满意” 的销售同僚们

  • Need to overcome price objections and comparisons

  • Need to convince customers to see things on a more strategic level

  • Want to help your staff improve their communication skills


ONLY RMB 200/= per person

Date:  Apr 26th 2017 from 14:00 - 17:00 hrs
            2017年4月26日14:00-17:00 hrs

Venue: Kulzer Dental Training Centre • Level 1 • 1585 Gumei Road (by Tianzhou Road)  
地点:  古莎齿科培训中心 • 一楼 • 古美路1585号,靠田州路

About the Facilitator  讲师介绍:

Elton Kuo is a facilitator, consultant and executive coach with 27 years of management and training experience in greater China region.

Elton had worked in Tektronix Taiwan as the Color Printing/Image Country Manager. In addition to the regular channel distribution business, Elton and his team closed several major deals in Government Agencies with tremendous success in consumable supplies sales. The BU was sold to Xerox in year 2000 then transferred to Fuji Xerox in 2001. From Product Marketing Director to Business Development Director, Elton was name the Director of Knowledge and Learning before his departure by end of 2003.

In 2004 Elton started his consulting and training career. The first major project he participated was Nissan Motor’s Global New Vehicle Launch in China region. He worked closely with AMA Japan and Nissan to conduct trainings for Chinese dealership until the works transferred to Nissan local JV.

In his latest training career Elton has had the pleasure to do training and coaching for: adidas, Bosch, Rexel, LANXESS, Cisco, HDS, F5, Brocade, Zebra, Citrix, Juniper, NOKIA, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Symantec, HP, DELL, EMC, Fujitsu, BMTS (a Toyota S/W Div), Avaya and ADI.

郭存中老师是一位培训 师,顾问和执行教练,在中国大 陆地区拥有二十七年的管理和培 训经验。

郭老师曾在泰克台湾担任彩色印刷/图像国家经理。除了常规渠道分销业务,郭老师和他的团队在政府机构中关闭了几项主要交易,在消费品销售中取得了巨大的成 功。 BU于2000年被卖给施乐,然后于2001年转交给富士施乐。从产品营销总监到业务发展总监,郭老师在2003年底离职前被任命为知识与学习总监。

2004年,郭老师开始了他的 咨询和培训生涯。他参加的第一 个重大项目是日产汽车在中国地 区的全球新车推出。他与日本 AMA和日产紧密合作,对中国 经销商进行培训,直到 Nissan当地合资公司工 作。

在他最新的培训生涯中,郭老师 很高兴为以下人员进行培训和辅 导:adidas,Bosch,Rexel, 朗盛,思 科,HDS,F5,Brocade,Zebra,Citrix,Juniper, 诺基 亚,SAP,Microsoft Dynamics,惠普,戴 尔,EMC,富士 通,BMTS(丰田S / W Div),Avaya和 ADI。

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