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Date: 26 Apr 2019, Thursday
2019 4月26日 周四
Time: 14:00 - 17:00 hrs
Venue: Crowne Plaza Shanghai • No.400 Panyu Road  (near Fahuazhen Road)
上海银星皇冠假日酒店 •番禺路 400 号(靠法华镇路)
Fee : RMB 200 nett
人民币 200 元整

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Edward Tien    程代铭

Edward is a seasoned HR professional with more than 20 years’ experience in human resources and corporate management.  He has worked with major MNCs throughout Greater China and Asia Pacific with a range of industries including luxury automobile retail, environmental services (energy management), specialty chemicals, property development and telecommunications.  

Edward completed numerous General Managers and first-line managers assessment.In the recent three years, he completed over 120 hours feedback and coaching, and follow-up on their individual development plans (IDP).

Edward is skilled in facilitating 6 Seconds EQ, MBTI, DISC and Motivator, , Belbin team roles workshops to raise the employees’ self-awareness.

Edward是一位经验丰富的 人力资源专家,在人力资源和企 业管理方面拥有20多年的经 验。他曾与大中华区和亚太地区 的主要跨国公司合作,涉及多个 行业,包括豪华汽车零售,环境 服务(能源管理),特制化工, 房地产开发和电信。

Edward完成了许多总经理 级别和一线经理评估。在最近三 年里,他完成了120多个小时 的反馈和指导,并对他们的个人 发展计划(IDP)进行了跟 进。

Edward擅长使用 6秒情商,MBTI,DISC和Motivator,Belbin团队角色等测评工具进行培训和教练服务,以提高员工的自我意识。
EQ Leadership: Developing Individual and Team Leadership
EQ 领导力: 提高自己和团队绩效 
Half-Day Workshop   半天培训


As an individual moves up the leadership pipeline, emotion intelligence becomes more crucial for personal success. Personal success comes in the form of career success, quality of life, interpersonal network and health High EQ is not about being a nice person, or will be able to say pleasant things about nice. Emotional intelligence leadership is more about accurately identifying and accepting the emotions of oneself and the party, treating emotions as a resource, and combining thinking and emotions to make the best decisions.

随着个人提升领导力,情绪智能 对个人成功变得更加重要。个人 的成功来自于事业成功,生活质 量,人际网络和健康。 情商领导力对绩效起到至关重要的影响。高情商不是做好好先生或女士或者会能言善道。 情商领导力更多是精准识别和接 纳自己和方的情绪, 把情绪当成一个资源,结合思考和情绪做最佳决定。

This EQ Leadership workshop transforms EQ into three stages: "Knowing Emotions", "Selecting Emotions" and "Beyond Emotions", and eight competencies. Through an emotional intelligence assessment and experiential workshop, participants learn what their emotional intelligence is. Competency also means that we have a way to help participants improve it. Through this course, participants will learn about their emotional intelligence levels and how to improve their emotional intelligence.

这门EQ领导力课把情商转变成 三个阶段"知道情绪",'选择 情绪"和'超越情绪"和八个胜 任力。 通过一个情商测评和体验式的工作坊,学员知道自己的情商处于什么情况。胜任力也意味我们有办法帮助学员提高它。通过这个课程, 学员会得知自己的情商水平,和 如何锻炼情商有关的胜任力。


Session 1 
  • The value of EQ to the success of individuals and enterprises 
  • EQ leadership in the world and China 
  • What is EQ leadership? Introduction of 3 links and 8 competencies of EQ leadership 
    什么是EQ领导力? EQ领导力的三个环节和八个胜任力的介绍
Session 2
  • Competency 1 – improve emotional cognition, Practice: find the value of emotions 
    胜任力 1 - 提高情绪认知,练习 :寻找情绪的价值.
  • Competency 2 – identification mode, Practice: TFA cards 
    胜任力 2 - 识别模式, 练习 :TFA卡

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